Granny walkthrough

Find out the location of all items and all closed doors in the game Granny

The horror game Granny is a popular scary game for school-age children. You play as the same schoolboy who is locked in the house. You have five days to get out of the house, silently. Otherwise, the grandmother comes running and you're finished. The game has multiple endings, we recommend that you complete them all to get a full buzz. And from us a useful article to learn the location of all the items in the game Granny, secrets, and will help newbies to open the cherished door and be free and finally pass Granny.

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Granny walkthrough


The main goal of this horror quest is to escape from a house with many rooms, useful items, and the ghost of a grandmother who previously died under unknown circumstances. Now the ghost of the grandmother wanders around the abandoned mansion and tries to destroy the main character. To lose will be enough to get close to her or fall into one of her traps. Rest assured the granny will immediately run up to you and strike. You will have five days in which to try to pass all the traps and unlock the main door. But everything is not so simple. To open the door you have to find the key and the code that unlocks the additional door and don't forget about the boards. That's the kind of trouble awaiting you in the game.

Parts of images and why they are needed

While playing granny, you will come across parts of images (4 of them in total). If put together, you'll get a picture of the ghost. The frame for the future photo can be picked up in the basement, it will lie right on the table. So what do you need the picture for? In fact, it's very simple - an extra day in case of failure, instead of the cherished five days you'll get six.

Granny walkthrough

Features of the "Extreme" and "Hard" game modes

If you manage to get to the "Hard" level, you will have to look for a battery as an additional task. It will be inserted in a special slot, next to the central door equipped with several locks.

Extreme mode adds the exact same mission and a couple of extra tricks. The main one is that you have to go through the whole game in complete darkness. An additional one adds another lock, which will not be difficult to open. Let's go to the yard, not far from the door you will see a cabinet that is hanging on the wall. Open it with a screwdriver and lower the lever. The door is open.

Things you can't open the door without

  • The keys are blue and red.
  • A sheet with numerical values.
  • Pliers.
  • Sledgehammer (we will use it to remove the boards from the center aisle).
  • Battery.

Things you can't open the door without

Non-mandatory subjects

In addition to the previously mentioned objects you will have a chance to find many other elements, the importance of which should not be omitted:

  • Watermelon.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Firearms and darts (tranquilizers). Needed to put Granny's evil ghost to sleep.
  • The key to open the drawer in which the crossbow lies.
  • Frame and parts of the photo.
  • A pair of gears.
  • Thin key, opens the vault in the basement.
  • Lever for the well mechanism.
  • Teddy Teddy Bear (which is an Easterling).

The four items on this list are not far from each other:

  • Crossbow with darts - lower room (not the one with the stash).
  • Teddy Bear - near the locker where you pick up the crossbow, there is a small passage into the niche (remove the boards), we see the button and click on it, after which you will get the cherished teddy bear.
  • Sheet with a code - go into the toilet, look at the wall and find a metal cabinet, inside it you will see a sheet.
  • Screwdriver - go to the hall, where there will be a door leading to the exit, look up and see there a shelf, on it will be a flower pot with the desired object.

The remaining items on the list will be found in completely different places in the location. So you need to carefully look through all the drawers in the desks, cupboards, nightstands and do not forget to look through the open doors.

How and where best to apply the items

How to survive the game and not get caught by Granny

Granny's walkthrough begins the same way every time - in the bedroom. Here you will see a closet where you can climb and hide from Granny's ghost. There is a dresser with top drawers, where often stored any useful items. It is better not to touch the table with a vase, if it falls to you in the room the ghost will come running and want to hit you. In this case, you will have two options: crawl under the bed or in the closet, wait for Granny to leave the room, and then you can get out of hiding.

In addition, do not forget about the secret passages. They are located in most cases behind the boxes, first of all check them. To get out of the house can only one way: go into the living room, where there is a dining table, osmatririv the room and see the closed door, there is also a window, where there will be a bloody palm mark on the glass, press the button interaction and get out.

How and where best to apply the items

If you want to know how to pass granny, you should follow the following order of actions. Try to search all unlocked doors and find at least one of the items. Further actions will directly depend on one of the found items:

  • The lever from the well - get out the window of the house, find the well and use the lever for its intended purpose. Lift the bucket with a random object.
  • The key to the cabinet with weapons - go to the room with which it all began, next to her looking for a secret passage (do not forget about the cardboard boxes), go down and get into a new room, looking for a cabinet. Open it, pick up arrows and weapons. As mentioned before, the darts will allow you to put Granny to sleep, however, the time of putting her to sleep may vary with the difficulty.Key unlocking the safe - get to the bottom of the house, open the stash and pick up a new item.Screwdriver - allows you to unscrew the screws from the metal grill, which is located near the closet for weapons.
  • Pliers - you can use them to cut the wires in one of the rooms.
  • Sledgehammer - will allow you to remove the wooden boards that are nailed to the central opening. When you get to the attic, you will be able to destroy the surveillance camera, which is also important.
  • Blue and red keys unlock the locks on the main door.
  • Watermelon - you can find it in a completely random place. Inside the watermelon will be a key or a pinion. To cut this fruit you need to use the guillotine, standing in the yard. We put the watermelon in a special hole, pull the string and get the item we need.
  • The gears allow you to activate the mechanism located in the dollhouse. After opening it, you will be given a new item.

To open the center door you need to do the following:

  • Blue and red key.
  • Find the sheet with the code and enter it.
  • Use a sledgehammer to remove all the boards.
  • Use the battery in the dedicated slot.
  • Use the wire cutters to bite the two wires.

What are the endings in Granny

What are the options for passing in Granny

All in all, there are four main endings in the game, one pair of which are positive and a pair of which are negative.


Passage of #o1

Remember that you will have only five lives (find all the parts of the picture, then increase your chances of success) to get out of the walls of this sinister house. Yes, you can die all four times, and on the fifth (sixth) to fulfill all the conditions and unlock the door, but if even here luck turns away from you, then you are sure to lose. You will be thrown into the basement of the house, where the protagonist will spend the rest of his days.

Passage of #o2

You can only get it if you choose the "Extreme" difficulty level. As soon as a character gets hit in the head with a bat for the last time, Granny will not throw him into the basement, but will go to the very same courtyard where she executes him with the guillotine.

Passage of #o3

The positive ending lies in successfully finding all the objects and opening the door. As the final scene, the player is invited to watch the disgruntled face of an old woman standing on the threshold of her own house with that very sinister bat.

Passing #o4

To see another good ending you have to find a teddy bear. After that you have to take it up to the room and put it on the bed. It's unclear where the ghost will crawl out of, you don't have to be scared of him, just turn around and go on through the game. In the final scene, you will be left to watch Granny with the bear in her hands, behind her is a ghost from the nursery.

That's all. We hope these Granny tips will be useful for you and you will be able to open all mentioned above endings. If we helped you, don't forget to share this article with your friends in social networks and leave your comments.

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