Apps about dogs on iPhone: training, nutrition, health and leisure

Apps about dogs: training, nutrition, health and leisure

Dog person? Do you love your dog? At least one of these apps should be on your phone.

Dog owners are a distinct community of people who probably use special apps about dogs. Not only do they love their pets and meet their daily needs, but they also delve into issues of training, nutrition, and treatment. Dogs are being humanized, elevated to a cult and made the stars of social media. Some owners get so used to their pets that they literally drag them everywhere they go. Dog hotels and restaurants are being opened, where animals are welcomed with all the dignity. Amazing things are happening in the world. The number of dog lovers seems to be growing. For those interested and professionals, owners with experience and those who want to get a dog, there are many useful dog apps for the iPhone in the Apple Store.

The best dog apps for iPhone

Apps where you can learn about dog breeds

You have the idea of getting a dog. At this point, you need to figure out what breed you like and what suits you. What kind of dog do you want? For work, hunting in the woods, protection, agility classes or leisurely walks in the evenings? To get it right and find the right companion for you, make sure you understand all the ins and outs first with the help of breed apps.

CHI Encyclopedia of Dogs

Apps about dogs: training, nutrition, health and leisure


This encyclopedia will be useful both for a child to broaden his or her horizons and for an adult interested in dogs. Here you will find information about all possible breeds from Affenpincher to Yorkshire Terrier with quality photos and detailed descriptions. The encyclopedia is available offline, so you can read it on the plane or in the car. All information is arranged alphabetically. It is laid out succinctly and clearly. You can use the app about dog breeds absolutely free of charge at your own pleasure.

Download for free CHI Encyclopedia of Dogs from the AppStore

Dog Breeds Recognized by FCI

Dog applications, Dog Breeds Recognized by FCI

A serious supplement approved by the FSI - International Canine Federation. It contains all registered dog breeds. If you're going to participate in shows, earn titles and awards, you only need an official breed dog. In this app, you'll find a complete list of 332 officially recognized breeds.

Download this appendix you can free

Dog Breeds - for dog lovers

Dog apps, Dog Breeds - for dog lovers

This app will help you understand not only the characteristics of the different breeds, but also the origins of each. You'll be able to see a genealogical tree, get to know the ancestors of the breed of interest and understand its true purpose. You'll read about the character, behavior and eating habits of different dogs.

All this useful information you can retrieve absolutely free

Apps for dog nutrition

Another question that all prospective and current dog owners ask is, "What to feed?" For the longevity and quality of life of a dog you need to have full information about the correct diet, the necessary vitamins. You have to understand how many calories your dog has consumed and how much of those calories need to be replenished. Nutrition is chosen according to breed, weight, activity and other characteristics, such as tendency to allergies. Questions in this area will be answered by relevant supplements that talk about the life of dogs.

iKibble Free

Dog apps, iKibble Free

The app will help you figure out what you can and can't give your dog to eat. If you have an idea to treat a begging pooch to something exotic or sweet, but you're not sure about your motives, check out the app. The built-in search function will help you with this. Read information about the product, find out what's healthy about it, and whether dogs like it. Share your most important discoveries with your friends.

Download iKibble Free for free at Apple Store

Dog Food Recipes


Apps about dogs: training, nutrition, health and leisure

Each owner decides for himself how and what is better to feed his pet - a balanced dry food or natural food prepared at home. If the latter is your choice, this app is a godsend. The best recipes for dogs are collected here. You'll find more than 50 different food options, such as Cheesy Biscuits, Liver Sauce, and Yogurt for Puppies. Watch, don't eat it yourself!

Download and use it for free at any time

Apps for dog training

A dog that is uneducated and grows like a weed is likely to disobey his owner and be disciplined. With such a tomboy, life can turn into a nightmare. The dog must recognize the pack leader, know his place and come up to the owner at the beck and call.

Dogo - Your Dog's Favorite App

Dog Apps, Dogo - Your Dog's Favorite App

The app is a pocket dog handler. With it, you will master clicker training and learn some fun tricks with your dog. You don't have to buy the clicker device in the store, it's built into the app as a separate feature. Your dog will learn to do everything literally by clicking. How to achieve this, you will learn from the app.

All the secrets will be revealed in appendix absolutely free of charge.

Puppr - Dog Training & Tricks

Dog Apps, Puppr - Dog Training & Tricks

Who doesn't want a free master class in training from season 5 talent show finalist Sarah Corson? Of course, everyone does. And it's possible thanks to the Puppr app. With it, you can teach your pet more than 50 tricks, ask questions in the chat directly to Sarah, read consistent illustrated training instructions, and don't forget about your upcoming training session.

The app can download for free, with a subsequent subscription to expand the features.

Control. The app answers the question, "Where is the dog?"

A dog that is in the beginning stages of training or is not well-trained can be naughty when they are not with their owners. All puppies, like children, like to be naughty. When the owner goes out the door, they start to make a mess of the house: fluffing cushions and chewing on shoes. Usually dogs outgrow this and learn to wait for their owners, either by the door or in their own place. But there are some who won't stop hurting property at a mature age and some who howl incessantly. In order for the owner to know even at a distance where his dog is and what he is doing, the following miracle apps were created.

Pet Monitor

Dog apps, Pet Monitor

The app will alert you if there is noise in the house. When your dog starts barking or running restlessly around the apartment, you can give him a voice command through the app or just calm him down with a gentle word. The app will do a few things for you:

  • It alerts you to unexpected activity while you're at work.
  • Takes a fixed snapshot of what's going on in the house.
  • Have a chat with your pet. You will be able to see each other and communicate through the camera.
  • Capture important moments in the life of a pet in photos and videos.

Your peace of mind will depend on having applicationswhich will cost you $4.99

The dog health app

It is not only the behavior of the dog that needs to be monitored, but also its health. Every pet needs timely and qualified medical care and monitoring. Not only his physical condition, but also the health of his offspring will depend on it.

Dog Medical Agenda

An interesting organizer app will help you not to forget about an upcoming vaccination or a scheduled visit to the veterinary clinic.

Dog Apps, Dog Medical Agenda

You'll always have it handy:

  • General information about your pet (height, weight, chip number).
  • List of vaccinations performed.
  • A list of tests taken, tests planned, or X-rays taken.
  • The names of strong allergens that can harm your dog in particular.
  • Doctor's orders, prescriptions and hospital statements.
  • Contacts for all doctors and veterinary services.

Appendix not free, you have to pay $3.99 for organizing important information


It is not unreasonable for a dog owner to study the anatomical features of this species himself. For a better understanding of life processes, vet explanations and just general development you can download vet-Anatomy for free for limited time use.

dog apps, vet-Anatomy

The application is quite bulky, so you'll need a fast Internet connection to download it. After a successful download, it will always be available offline. The 3D graphics will impress you the first time you see vet-Anatomy. Each individual anatomical part can be viewed in detail by zooming and rotating. The app has been created for practicing veterinarians.

Subscribe for the year is $25.99

What to keep your dog busy - Dog Leisure Apps

The dog is a friend of man, which is why you spend so much time with him. Your pet is able to lift your spirits and pity you, take you out for a walk, chasing away laziness. You never get bored with him. And this boundless inexhaustible joy you want to share with everyone. Global Dog is a kind of social network for dogs. It's easiest to do this in apps that are designed to do just that.

Global Dog: For Dogs & Puppies

dog apps, Global Dog: For Dogs & Puppies

  • Create a personal profile for your pet.
  • Catch his shenanigans in photos and video.
  • Share with friends via social media, tag them in the photo.
  • Become a follower of popular dogs.
  • Find like-minded people nearby and organize meetings with them.
  • Ask questions and give advice.
  • Help find old or new owners for the lost ones.
  • Take a stray dog to a shelter or permanent home.
  • Learn useful information about dog sitters and dogwalkers, groomers and dog handlers.

Download the app in the Apple Store is free of charge

Stay humane to your dogs and doggy-style faithful and loyal to your friends. We have much to learn from dogs and they from us. For centuries, dogs have walked hand in hand with humans, and they will continue to do so, because this bond is magical and unfathomable.

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