Applications for those who have just bought an iPhone

Applications for those who have just bought an iPhone

I remember very well when I bought my first iPhone many years ago. What apps should I install first? What to use? What free apps will I need at first? Collected over 20 free must-have iOS apps for the first time, for those who just bought an iPhone.

I remember very well when I bought my first iPhone many years ago. First of all, it was not an emotional decision or a fashion race. It was a deliberate decision - why not try it, before that I had been sitting tightly on Android. I bought it. And what to use? What to install? What apps to use? I put half the AppStore then, honestly ;). I don't advise anyone to spend that much time testing and "checking out" an app, so I decided to do this article to help you quickly and comfortably become friends with your iPhone. Here is a list of the top-priority free apps that I would recommend to install first on your new iPhone. You could call this list - a list of iOS apps for newbies, for beginners. Here we go.

At first I decided to do Top 10 apps, but eventually the list transformed into Top 10 topics with one or more apps.

1. Social media

  • Facebook (download) is the most popular social network in the world. Communicating with friends, colleagues, dating, a community-building tool, and just "killing time". If you need any of these things, go for it.
  • Instagram (download) is a social network, under the roof of Facebook, tied to photos, videos, and storizas (stories that live for 24 hours). It is worth installing if you are a visual person or if you have something to share with the world (photos, videos).
  • VK (download) is Russia's largest social network, controlled by the FSB.

2. Messengers or chat rooms

  • Telegram (download) is a messenger that sets the fashion. Convenient, secure (according to Durov, the creator of VK and Telegram), with the ability to create channels, chats. You can find a channel for the most refined taste, and I recommend mine - about iOS apps - @Apps4Life
  • Viber (download) is a messenger that broke in big time. It has gained a decent amount of audience around the world, but Telegram is taking it over. There are still a lot of people using it.
  • WhatsApp (download) is the most popular messenger in the world, which Facebook has also got its hands on. It is actively used in Russia, and almost never in Ukraine and Belarus.

3. Mail Clients

The iPhone has its own excellent email client and there is no point in installing a special app for working with email. Why me? Because I have several mailboxes. It is convenient for me to have my own app for each one. For each type of activity.

  • Inbox (download) is an app from Google, very nice and light.
  • Spark (download) - is considered one of the best in its class, but for some reason I do not have to. In terms of functionality is very similar to Inbox, but with its own advantages. Here I recommend to try and choose the best one for you.

4. shazam

  • Shazam (download) - I would put a monument to this app and put it on the top 1 app of all time. And all because I remember my childhood and adolescence, when the song plays on the radio, and to find out what song - it had to sing it to someone 🙂 And here everything is simple. A song is playing. Turned on Shazam. It identified the title, the author and offered to download in Apple Music. Magic. The service is bought by Apple.

5. Cloud file storage

  • Google Disk (download) - Few people nowadays store documents simply on the computer, they usually prefer to use cloud services. It's convenient and free. I might add that it makes sense to add editing applications (ala Words, Excel and Power Point - Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets and Google Presentations).
  • Dropbox (download) - for those who are used to working with local documents, but always have the latest version in the cloud. I do not use it myself, but for those who do - indispensable.

6. Maps

  • Google Map (download) - Gone are the days when we oriented ourselves by the sun or paper maps. It's convenient. Even if you know the way, the app will tell you where there is a traffic jam, an accident or a police post, and choose the best route. And in an unfamiliar place - irreplaceable.
  • Yandex.Maps (download) is an analogue of the Russian production. There is a general opinion that the maps are drawn better, but after 2014 does not work in Ukraine, so everyone moved to Google Maps.

7. Financial applications

In general, you could do without such applications. But it's convenient, isn't it? For example, I almost never use cash now. With the advent of Apple Pay it is not at all scary to forget your wallet at home, as long as you have your phone.

  • Privat24 (download) - an application that for a while was considered almost the most technologically advanced in Europe. But with the departure of the team and the privatization of the bank, the application stopped developing, and also a competitor appeared in the face of Monobank. It is still great for settlements between individuals and FOPs.
  • monobank (download) is an application that was formed practically from scratch and has already established itself quite firmly in Ukraine. The second bank to use Apple Pay, which speaks volumes. And on the whole, it is the most convenient banking application I have seen.
  • Spendee (download) - if you want to keep track of your own finances (income, income), you can stop at this app. It's free, nice to look at, and has enough features to start counting your own money.

8. Cab

  • Uber (download) - it's a masthead in general, as they say. The best international app that works almost anywhere in the world.
  • Uklon (download) is the Ukrainian analogue for Ukraine.
  • Yandex.Taxi (download) - the Russian analogue for Russia.

9. Interpreters

Actually, I don't use translators very often, but (!!!) there are times when it's great to have an app installed.

  • Google Translate (download) - can translate online, from a photo, from any image. From voice. Very useful when traveling.
  • Yandex.Translator (download) is the Russian analogue.

10. Online stores

At first I thought I'd fill category 10 with games. Like, how can it be a new phone without games? But then I thought I should do a separate article with games. So the cherry on the cake was the app-stores. Where you can buy almost any product, for any taste. I intentionally did not talk about local stores like Rozetka.uaI think you will find them in the AppStore if necessary.

I won't even give a description, you know all these stores.

The end of the article, good for everyone who finished it. Share it with your friends.

If you think that some application should be on the list - write in the comments, we'll figure it out.

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