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Betting apps - rating

Popular bookmakers strive to make the betting process more convenient for users. To do this, they develop mobile versions of their sites and create applications for smartphones on Android and iOS. In this article we will consider the top ten betting shops that allow betting from any device. Rating of betting apps was compiled on the basis of feedback received from real people about the companies.


Mobile applications for sports betting have been released by most bookmakers in the last 2-3 years. Previously, users had to be satisfied with the official sites of bookmakers, which was inconvenient if the phone has a small screen. Programs for smartphones have solved this problem, as their interface is designed specifically for handheld devices. Usually mobile applications copy the line and odds available on the official site when opened from a computer.

Phone programs are more convenient than the website because:

  • work faster and load faster;
  • cannot be blocked by government agencies;
  • allow you to set from any place and at any time.

Rating of bookmakers with apps will help you choose the right office that is most convenient for you.

App Rating





15000 р.

iOS Android


4000 р.




20000 р.

iOS Android


10000 р.


2500 р.


500 р.


10500 р.

iOS Android


iOS Android


15000 р.


For the convenience of bettors, we have prepared a brief description of the top 10 companies, highlighting their key strengths and weaknesses.

1. fonbet

One of the most popular offices among users. Has a wide line, covering even regional and junior competitions. However, in recent times, there are often reviews of bettors complaining about problems with the withdrawal of funds, explained by the company for various reasons. Website and. sports betting app for cell phones work better than many competitors. Welcome bonus up to 15000 rubles.

2. 1xStavka

The most popular company among bettors, actively attracting users by advertising. The odds are often more favorable than in other bookmakers, and the already wide line is distinguished by the variability of the spread. The disadvantages are the frequent mistakes of the bookmaker's employees and users' complaints about inexplicable deductions from their accounts. Welcome bonus up to 4000 rubles.

3. Winline

A popular, but average office in all respects. Not too wide line, standard odds, stable Live mode operation. The main advantage is the high-quality television broadcasts, available to all users with a positive account balance. The disadvantages of the company include restrictions on limits, often imposed on successful bettors, the inability to change the data specified during registration and the lack of a welcome bonus.

4. Leon

A company that has been operating for a long time, but has not corrected its shortcomings. Pros of the company: a welcome bonus up to 20,000 rubles, the highest odds on the top soccer matches and an intuitive interface that any user can quickly understand. Disadvantages: the lack of video broadcasts and low variability of coverage. Experienced bettors point out that there is often nothing to bet on at all, except for winning and other standard bets. Nevertheless, it is best betting app to the most anticipated soccer matches.

5. Betcity

Betcity stands out with a number of advantages. The main one is a wide line and variability of the spread. A lot of interesting bets that other bookmakers don't have. Welcome bonus up to 10000 rubles, there is a sweepstakes and the possibility of ordering VIP bets. However, after going in the black, there is a high probability that the limits will be limited, and then you will have to bet small amounts. Many bettors are faced with the return of bets that have "come in" due to a line error.

6. PariMatch

An average office, with a good selection of bets and normal odds. Welcome bonus - up to 2500 rubles. The company compensates the tax and allows to order odds and VIP bets. Minus of the application - the risk of difficulties during additional identification, requested by the bookmaker for the withdrawal of winnings. There is a peculiarity: an increased number of bets on basketball, so pay attention to the office if you often bet on this sport.

7. League Betting

This is a betting company with a small - 500 rubles - welcome bonus, but a wide line and quality video broadcasts of sporting events. If there is no live match broadcast, a handy match tracker is displayed. Cons: mainly low odds, unprofitable for bettors, in the case of frequent winnings accounts are limited by the limits. Users note that in this office it is convenient to do Online sports betting from your phone

8. Olimp

A company that has been gaining popularity lately. Features a welcome bonus to new players up to 15000 rubles, a wide range of bets on various sports disciplines and high limits. Bettors often note the fast withdrawal and stable operation of the official site. The disadvantage of the company is the low odds on most bets, which is only partially compensated by their choice.

9. Marathon

A popular bookmaker known mainly among bettors who bet on cybersports. The advantage is the variability of totals and handicaps. The choice of bets is small, although with normal odds, not much different from those offered by competitors. The company deserves attention only if you are interested in cybersports disciplines. Otherwise, it is better to download BC app on Android or iOS from some other company in our ranking.

10. Melbet

The company with the largest welcome bonus - up to 50,000 rubles. Compensates tax, offers a wide line and average, in comparison with popular offices, odds. Live mode is gradually improving, there are more interesting bets. A large selection of events for fans of cybersports. The disadvantages are the long withdrawal of funds and the lack of video broadcasts of matches.

11. Mostbet

One of the most popular offices in Russia, yet it is a young office. As you can learn from our reviewsMostbet not only exists in the form of a website, but also applications for iOS and Android. The disadvantages are the lack of a welcome bonus, as a plus - higher coefficients on hockey.

General conclusion

All best betting apps The first has a wider line, the second has better odds, the third has a better live mode, and so on. The first has a wider line, the second has higher odds, the third has a better Live mode, the fourth has a bigger bonus for new players, and so on. It is impossible to choose a particular program, which will be better for all bettors at once. After getting acquainted with the features of bookmaker applications, select the company, in which it is more convenient or more profitable for you to bet.

All programs for sports betting can be downloaded for free from the official sites of the BK. If you have an iPhone, then the download is possible from the App Store. For owners of phones from other companies, the application for Android with sports betting is better to download only from the sites of bookmakers - they are not available in Play Market.

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