Applications for freelancers: how to become more productive

Applications for freelancers: how to become more productive

We use these applications ourselves, we can safely recommend them to others

What programs do freelancers use to organize their work? The question is relevant, because there are a lot of self-employed people who earn money on the Internet or with its help. Working with email, keeping tasks and lists, creating notes and many other routine tasks that require applications, so let's look at the best applications for freelancers for iPhone, which we have selected for you.

That's not to say that there are more or fewer of them now than before - calculated that as of February 2019, 17% respondents were just freelancers. It is unlikely that a similar figure can be deduced from around the world, but they come to freelancing, for the most part, in search of romance - not to work "uncle", not to go to the office, not to sit in uncomfortable clothes from 9 to 6, and generally go to the sea and write texts while sipping cocktails on the beach.

A huge number of freelancers, by the way, go back to "normal" work - the lack of this very "romance" is to blame, because in this case the working day begins not at 9, but when you wake up, and ends not at 6, but when you go to bed. With the salary is about the same story - you can earn a huge amount in a month, and then sit for six months without any money at all. And work at the sea, it turns out, is not very convenient - because of the heat laptop (and generally any other devices) overheats, rent a small house is comparable to renting an apartment in the city, and still need not forget about the visa. In general, there are enough problems here, too.

The best apps for freelancers and young entrepreneurs

But if you suddenly decide to freelance (or take a small part-time job outside of your core business), then you will definitely need applications for freelancers - they will help you organize your workflow and not forget about your tasks. But it's not enough just to use the programs, you need to be able to assemble them into a system, and such that everything works with your minimal intervention, otherwise why do we need them at all. Therefore, in our selection of applications for freelancers you will find programs for organizing the work process in a team, as well as for working on your own projects alone.

Things 3 - for organizing tasks

This is the third time CulturedCode has made the coolest task manager for iOS, and what makes it special is that it follows the basic principles of the getting things done system that David Allen once invented. Nowadays the GTD system is not as popular as it used to be, but it is considered to be a systematic one, so we recommend that everyone who is involved in increasing their own productivity read the book "Getting Things Done". The GTD system is based on the "crystal clear mind" principle - first one should write down all one's projects on paper (or wherever is convenient), then break the projects into tasks, and the tasks should be performed in one go, then organize the tasks and dump them onto some medium. After that, put everything out of your mind and deal only with the current task - this is the way to achieve maximum focus on the task, which means that the result will be higher.

download things 3 app for iPhone

Things 3 (Download from the App Store) is a great app for freelancers who manage multiple projects. It's easy to get started - you dump all your tasks into your Inbox, then spread them out by project, and by need to complete (Today or Next folder). After you work on your tasks, you simply open the "Today" folder and start doing everything on the list. The app is very nice, minimalist, and intuitive - so much so that it makes you want to work in it. The price, of course, is a bit steep, but in return you get almost the best GTD simulator in real life.

Trello - for teamwork and working with customers

Generally speaking, in addition to Trello (Download from the App Store) There are some more good applications for freelancers like Slack, Megaplan, or even Discord (somewhere on the Internet there is an article about organizing work there), but personally we use Trello. This, by the way, is also a variation of one interesting method of increasing personal effectiveness, known as a kanban board. The kanban principle itself, "just-in-time," appears as a board with columns of "what needs to be done," "in progress," and "done." In the past, such boards were drawn on marker boards, and tasks were written on colored stickers-it was more convenient to move around. Now it's all done electronically.

So, in Trello you can create as many such boards as you want, drag tasks between them, assign performers, write comments, attach files. It's great to work alone with your own projects-each board is responsible for a different project, but then you need to switch between the boards, because you can't put all your current tasks on one screen. And Trello is distributed for free, which is nice.

Forest - for focusing

download forest app for iPhone

We have already written application overview Forest, we recommend reading. Overall, Forest (download from the App Store) is a kind of alternative to pomodoro, but the 25 minutes of non-stop work is depicted as a complete plant. Clearly, if we interrupt the "tomato," the plant dies. We end up with a garden filled with living and dead trees - roughly what our work week looks like. On the one hand it is a clear demonstration of our work process, on the other hand it is a philosophical view of our attitude to whatever we do. Either way, it looks very effective.

Spark - for mail exchange

Another application that we wrote a review - Spark (Download from the App Store) is an indispensable application for freelancers, because a huge amount of information and data we get through e-mail. It is convenient, practical, beautiful and very powerful - in the review we have tried to close some cases, follow the link above.

Evernote for word processing

Team Evernote (Download from the App Store) is going through a bad time right now - since 2013, the program has still not been able to find the right amount of investment, and at the end of 2018, they had to reduce their staff by 15%, including some of the top management. However, this had almost no effect on the quality of the application - the program continues to be the most recognizable when it comes to working with texts from different devices. For the freelancer, the program is a godsend, because it is possible to write texts on the iPhone, tablet, computer and notebook and everything will be in sync with each other, and Evernote can completely replace the text editor. And not just any text editor - the application can recognize handwritten text, make scans of documents and much more.

download the evernote app for iPhone

Although some people prefer Bear, also a very interesting alternative.

CashSync - for financial management

It's not really an app for freelancers, because counting your own money will be useful to all independent people. CashSync (Download from the App Store) offers the simplest and most convenient service - swipe down, add income/expenses, categorize transactions, and see all money movements on graphs. But what's convenient is that this program synchronizes with one account, so you can keep accounts from multiple devices. This is convenient for both family and business.

Notion is for everything. In general, for everything

Yes, Notion (Download from the App Store) today is the best application for freelancers, because you can do everything in it that is described above with other programs. However, with a small caveat - access to all services is paid, but it is very expensive, plus it is a bit difficult to work with texts, because Notion is organized in blocks. Here, In our review of NotionWe wrote about how you can use the app in your daily life - we recommend you read it.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave your favorite freelance apps in the comments, we'll be sure to add the best ones to the list!

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