Pokemon Go: Augmented Reality Technology

Pokemon Go: additional reality or paranoia?

Pokemon Go: Extra Reality or Paranoia - I had to dig into English-language primary sources to really understand whether this is a game or something else: Niantic Labs. Google's internal startup. Google's ties to Big Brother - google (lol!) yourself, I'll go a little deeper.- Niantic was founded by John Hanke, who also founded Keyhole, Inc ("Keyhole"), a surface mapping project bought out by the same Google that created Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Streets.- And now pay attention, watch your hands! Keyhole, Inc. was sponsored by the In-Q-Tel venture capital fund. This is a CIA fund, quite officially established in 1999.

Through the aforementioned applications, important tasks were solved:

  • Updated mapping of the planet's surface, including roads, bases, etc. And once upon a time, maps-kilometers were considered strategic and secret. The civilian maps were even deliberately inaccurate.
  • Google Streets robot cars have peeked into every alleyway, mapping our cities, cars, faces...

One problem remained. How to look into our houses, basements, shady alleys, barracks, government offices, and so on down the list?

And what do you think? It's still the same place, Niantic Labs, releases an ingenious viral toy, the newfangled augmented reality technologiesYou just have to download the app and give it the appropriate permissions (e.g.Access to the camera, microphone, gyroscope, GPS, connectable devices, including USB memory sticks, etc.), and your phone will immediately vibrate, letting you know you've found the first three pokémon! (The first three always appear at once and in close proximity).The game will require you to take pictures of them from all sides, happily rewarding you with your first success. And at the same time getting a photo of the room where you are, including the coordinates and the angle of the phone.Congratulations to you! You've just had your apartment taken down! Need I explain further?By the way, by installing the game, you accept the terms of the offer. And it's not a simple one. Niantic officially warns you: "We cooperate with government agencies and private companies. We may disclose to them any information about you or your child...". But who reads that?Pokemon Go: Augmented Reality TechnologyAnd there is also point 6: "our program does not have the ability to fulfill the request of your browser "Do not track" - "Do not follow me". So, in addition to voluntary and joyful mapping of everything and everyone, it opens up even more amusing possibilities. And dozens of deputies, cleaners, and journalists will have their phones ringing: "Pikachu's here! And happy citizens will take out their smart phones, activating cameras, microphones, GPS, gyroscopes... And they will spin on the spot, staring at the screen and loading communication channels with terabytes of video footage...Bingo! The world has changed again, the world is different. Welcome to a new era.Source - https://www.facebook.com/anatoly.guley/

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