A selection of promising 17-channels from @dirtg

Dozens of Telegram channels are created every day, but only a few reach the 1,000-subscriber mark. And those channels that reach the 200-300 subscriber mark can be considered heroes. We'll call these channels promising. Here is a selection of promising channels from @dirtg with subscribers in the neighborhood of 300-400. It's hard to call them leaders, but perhaps one of these channels will become a "thousandnek" soon enough. Be the first to get interesting information firsthand.

  1. ? @Cup_of_T - healthy food for the brain. A channel for those who like healthy food for the brain.
    Interesting facts about the world around you, as well as a fresh look at the trivial.
  2. ?? @ruenglish - Learn English. The channel for those who have once again decided to learn English. Useful materials, tables and new words every day.
  3. [email protected] - A channel about useful mobile applications (sports, productivity, and smart tips), fascinating mobile games (reviews, tips, and tricks), and interesting Telegram feeds. The author writes based on his experience.
  4. ? @mobidevices - an interesting magazine about technology. Magazine about technology. The latest news from the world of mobile devices and software. Analytics and author's opinion. Only the main things.
  5. ? @cat_prog - it humor from the cat programmer.
  6. ? @geo_graph - geography.
  7. ⚽️ @BorussiaD - Borussia Dortmund. Telegram channel for fans of Borussia Dortmund soccer club.
  8. ? @ruscat - Telegram Channel Directory.
  9. ? @bezsoliisahara - A trainer's channel about fitness and dieting. A very intelligent channel dedicated to healthy eating, fitness and self-care. Recipes and positivity included;)
  10. ? @Kino_Kanal - new and premiere movie trailers!
  11. ? @podbor4u - author's channel catalog.
  12. ?? @distantsiya - remote work and freelancing. We publish current vacancies in remote work and freelance projects.
  13. ? @lagangster - the mafia is still alive here. The most interesting content about the criminal world is only here.
  14. ? @myaforizm - The wisdom of the ages in quotations and aphorisms.
  15. ? @readlink - for those who like to read. Daily selections of articles, interviews, reports, longreads and other materials in a convenient format.
  16. ? @Dog_World - The dog is a friend of man. The cutest pictures of four-legged friends
  17. ? @RUSchannelsTG - Directory of Russian-language channels. Directory of Russian-language Telegram channels. Here everyone will find channels to his taste. Placing channels for free.
  18. ✊? @train_untamed - all about sports. Channel about proper nutrition, training, microbiology, endocrinology, psychology and everything related to getting stronger, smarter and healthier

? Our cozy chat room @prtalk - This is a chat room for free PR. Publish a post on one of these topics and don't forget to start it with the appropriate hashtag.

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Igor Demchenko

The only channel without boring and monotonous texts is. Infographics rule here. Travel, personal growth and much more in an accessible and enjoyable format https://t.me/Infographic_life


Author, how would you get into one of your picks? We have a great educational channel. https://t.me/goodhabits

maximiizzzer 86

Eaglet is now on Telegram! Scandals, intrigue, investigations, sex, hilarity, atheism, technocratism, memetics, and more. In general, subscribe ?



https://t.me/saveorly comment image

Oleg Tsegelnyk

Hi. There is an offer for channel owners from Apps4Life.

- For those wishing to place free of charge in any (even non-existing selection) you must do 2 things:
1) if the selection already exists on the site, send a link to it and a description of your channel.
If there is no compilation, you need to create one and send it to me, along with your enabled channel. I will design it and put it on the site.
2) + post information about my channel https://[email protected] In his channel.

- For those wishing to be placed in any selection for a fee, write to [email protected]

Jon Jones

Cool Channel https://t.me/design9000
News of design and "near-designer" topics.

Maxim Muradyan

https://t.me/TaMakSail The channel is about sailboats, sails, yachts, boats... In general, about everything that moves on the water by the power of the wind.