A selection of young Telegram channels #3

Hi. I am the author and owner of this media magazine channel Apps4Life and the Telegram Channel @Apps4Life - useful applications for all occasions. Every month, on its last calendar day, I help young channels become a little more visible - I publish a selection of young channels on the site apps4.life with a mandatory repost on the TG channel.

What does it take to get into a selection of young channels? That's all it takes. You have to write to me. @tsegelnyk and your channel must have less than 1,000 subscribers. Young channels are being collected for March 2018. I'm waiting for your applications.

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A selection of young Telegram channels. Issue #3


Reviews of the best mobile apps for kids. We test with our daughter and tell only about the most interesting ones.


A channel dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain.We publish  news in video message format, quality reviews of ICOs and tokens. Crypto-kitchen - a section in which we deal with complex terms from the crypto-world in simple language. As well as much, much more.


Our channel is about a 21-year-old entrepreneur who has a children's robotics and 3D modeling academy. He talks about his business, the challenges, the experiences he's had.

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Monster Corporation is a channel in which the author talks in a relaxed way about his experience at a major oil state corporation. As he says himself, he has a lot to share, given his 15 years of experience, and so far he is doing well. There are funny stories and useful insights.


Free cryptocurrency signals from paid VIP channels and foreign sources.


The magical country of Montenegro. All about it from a man who has lived there for more than one month of his life. All the pitfalls and recommendations on how to make your stay there great and quite budget-friendly.


Life stories, recommendations from personal experience on nutrition, training and generally communicating with a dog of this magnificent breed.


Ave velmeshanovne panstvo, Ave!

If you want to know where you are, what you are and who is behind it, let me explain ?

This is the author's blog.

The person Bogdan is writing because he has questions and is looking for answers.

What kind of content will be here: that's what Bohdan likes and not more, but that's it:

#philosophy_feed_for_the_mind, #business_stuff,#theoretical_satisfaction riddles, #sport_give_fight_date, #dich_mess_thing_new, #mastery_I_that_beach, #creative_spirit

Let it be! Nasnagi to you and have a pleasant reading;) Regards #persona_boghdana


Do you want to develop and save time at the same time?

A channel with audiobooks about:

  • ? business
  • ? personal growth
  • ?️ spiritual
  • ? moral development

Just turn it on on the road, in the car, on the subway - listen, increase your level of knowledge and expand your picture of the world.


A special channel with announcements of Moscow events. The main feature is the itineraries of these events. For example, the author offers to look at the exhibition in the Gogol House, then go to the exhibition in the Shchusev Museum of Architecture, and then sit in a restaurant on Nikitsky Boulevard. All routes are created so that you can plan your free time comfortably.


All the most important things about each of tomorrow's new releases in one picture. That is, the title, poster, director, actors, and a brief description. The font is large - it's easy to read. So you just click on any picture and flip left and right until you decide on a movie, TV series or cartoon for the weekend.


Our cozy old Earth is still full of mysteries and riddles that still keep explorers busy.

On the channel "Terra Incognita" fascinating notes about surprising, sometimes unusual phenomena in the history of mankind are waiting for you. Intricate intrigue, provocations, historical investigations.


Business, self-development, gaining new knowledge in the field of online business, personal brand promotion, pumping personal qualities and mastering SMM.


A channel about mixed martial arts and everything related to them. The administrator of the channel is a man who is closely connected and engaged all his life in mixed martial arts, so he understands and has his own view of things in this area. The channel publishes only the most interesting news related to MMA, UFC, ACB, Bellator and other world promotions. Reviews of the most important tournaments, video lessons, beautiful moments and knockouts, all this and much more can be found on the UFC / MMA channel.

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