A selection of young Telegram channels #7

A selection of young Telegram channels #7

There aren't many channels this month, but they all have their own twist. The channel about technology. Marketing channels. Everything you wanted to know about Youtube. About the hard work of editing. Finally, about what it's like to be a marketing and sales director at the same time. Enjoy!

Hi. I own an online magazine Apps4Life and the Telegram Channel @Apps4Life - useful apps for all occasions. Every last day of the month I do a selection of young channels on the site apps4.life with obligatory repost to the channel @Apps4Life.

What does it take to get into a selection of young channels?
  • Your channel must have less than 1000 subscribers;
  • The topic of your channel does not contradict common sense;
  • Obligatory repost of this selection from the channel @Apps4Life yours;
  • I can say no at any time for any reason;
  • And yes, it's free.

If that works for you, email me. @tsegelnyk.

The Young Channels Gathering for August 2018 is being announced. I look forward to your applications.

A selection of young Telegram channels. Issue #7


News from the world of cell phones and computers. The latest news on our channel. If you do not have time for a long reading of news about technology, smartphones and computers. We present you small articles.
You will spend no more than 3 minutes reading them. We also do objective reviews on gadgets and give you our advice on their use.


I should have ended here, because there were no young channels collected for June and July, but I've looked through my coffers and recommend the following.

@YouTube_Notes - Notes of a YouTube marketer

Channel about YouTube. YouTube marketer Olga Exaurova leads it (from my part: everything you wanted to know about YouTube, but were afraid to ask: how to create a channel, what for, how to design it, how to do everything in Youtube - they will tell you here). Recommended.

@WebZaiats - Queen of the short meter

Nata Zayats' channel about the hard work of being a proZayka writer. Notes on how to write notes, run a TG channel, be an editor of a big blog, and be a writer for money. (From myself, the soulful channel of a soulful redheaded editor).

@Zub_Mudrosty - Wisdom Tooth

Author's channel of the head of the marketing and sales manager of the "STEP" company. About productivity, best practices, what the author cares about in marketing, life, etc.


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