A selection of young Telegram channels #10

A selection of young Telegram channels #10

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Hi. I'm the owner of the online magazine Apps4Life and the Telegram channel @Apps4Life - useful apps for all occasions. Every last day of the month I do a selection of young channels on the site apps4.life with a mandatory repost to the @Apps4Life channel. What does it take to get into the Young Channels selection?


  1. The advertised channel had less than 1,000 subscribers at the time of submission;
  2. The subject matter of the channel did not contradict common sense;
  3. There was a mandatory repost of the post about this selection from the TG channel @Apps4Life to the one advertised;

Submit your applications here: http://bit.ly/2G04oNA

Important. I add only live channels. If the channel has no messages for weeks or the channel is deleted by the owner, such channels do not get into the selection.

Young Telegram Channels. Issue #10 - January 2019

SoftKid - @SoftKidEasySoft

There are Steam key giveaways, cheap unlimited cloud storage from Google and OneDrive, PC OS, antiviruses of all kinds, Apple Music, Spotify Premium, and a lot more licensed stuff at low prices.

WaitronMENU - @waitronMENU

We write in accessible language about the secrets of creating an effective menu. Who is this channel for? For owners of small and medium catering businesses, as well as designers who are eager to learn the science of menu engineering (yes! it exists) and take the burden off their shoulders.

Sports Predictions. 200-300% per annum - @giperstavka

Analyzing sports events. I make forecasts. Profit 20-90% per month.

Cabin 415 - @cabin_415

This is an author's channel. I talk about working on cruise ships and traveling. All that is discussed is my personal experience, which I am happy to share with everyone, from the sad and difficult experiences to the moments of joy of meeting the beautiful world. This channel debunks the myth that much can be achieved with a lot of money. Not many subscribers yet, but I'm on my way to my goal.

The Big Kush - @jackpotbig

Hi, how many instances of luck do you think happen every minute on this planet? A thousand? Five? A hundred thousand? Well, the "Big Kush" channel tells about these cases of luck. Jackpot lottery winnings, unbelievable bets, huge inheritances, finds and more. Reading about the luck of others attracts it to yourself))

How does it work? - @Howitw0rks

The name speaks for itself. The channel is designed to tell people how many of the things they encounter on a daily basis work from the inside. Have you ever wondered what the principle of the arm bandage that people hang on their arms when they sprain, which eventually relieves pain, how it works? no? then you are definitely at the right place

MONEY BAG - @moneybage

I help people earn money from bets, I send from 5 to 15 bets a day.

Microbiz - @microbizzz

A new channel about small business. Only author's content, no meaningless news picks and general phrases. Case studies and practical recommendations.

Quotes aren't for the bully - @citatnikgey

Why should you come to my channel? Because the content here is top-notch! It's where good meets evil, where rednecks meet intellectuals, and where quotes and funny pictures are combined for an unspeakable experience. Here I make fun of silly quotes and proverbs. My channel will be of interest to those who like proverbs as well as those who like humor.

The World of High-Tech - @theworld_tech

All the most interesting information about the world's latest technology. Here you will find information about the world's latest technology, gadgets, and much more Welcome to my channel.

Exclusive earning courses - @cdam_ru

Exclusive earnings courses from the famous blogger Ilya (aka Anspker) Krotov. Periodically we publish interesting and proven methods of making money. Sign up - you won't regret it!

Album of Begmyall - @Album_ofBegmyall

In this channel you'll find comfort... the right quote for you and beautiful pictures. My personal advice and suggestions for many things here. I also write my own books, you'll find links in my channel!

I can travel - @icantravelcomua

If you plan to see the world, become an independent traveler and not afraid of adventure without travel agencies - you need to get acquainted with www.icantravel.com.ua They share the following information:

  • How to plan your travels
  • How to save money without losing comfort
  • How to get free flights from airlines

Shara Soft - @shara_soft

On the channel, every day I post applications from the AppStore that have become free

Quotes - @bad_69

Love, joy, tears, grief and laughter are not inseparable components of every person's life without exception. Our channel always has something to say, and to every subscriber, whichever of the above states they are in. Our slogan is "Wisdom Through the Ages," a wisdom we share with our subscribers daily.

ShowBiznes: News - https://t.me/show_biznes_news

All those who want to know about the latest events in show business, can seamlessly learn them in our constantly updated channel. Rumors, denials, ups and downs of the representatives of domestic and foreign show business - it's all in our channel!

-Creative Studio- - @creativestud1o

Daily on our menu:

  • All the most beautiful, interesting and unusual for your eyes.
  • The perfect Deep house sound for your ears and mood.
  • Painting, graphics, film, science, architecture and other news for the soul.

Brain Help - @mozgopravochka

A channel about psychology and self-development. How to develop your charisma? How does a person's body reveal his true intentions during a conversation? How to dispose of a subordinate, boss, and any person in principle? How to correctly configure yourself for a productive day? Answers to these and various other questions you'll find on the channel Brainspace.

💰Free💸 - @platno_besplatno

😮 Free! Here you get paid courses for FREE, every day. Earnings, promotion, self-development, etc. As well as coaching, training, books, manuals, mc and more! It is also possible to create a co-purchase folding.

Sport and Music - @Foton9sh

Looking for motivation for sports💪🏻 and good music? 🎧🤟

If yes,come to us,🔥 we have exciting sports content and quality music for all tastes.📲😱🔥

Posts every day! 😉

Live Betting - @stavkiS_Botom

On our channel we demonstrate the capabilities of our BOT, which selects us soccer matches for analysis!

Day4to | Photo processing - @day4to

A channel that teaches you to do mobile photo processing and Instagram no worse than the top bloggers, as well as a lot of useful materials🔥🔝

Top_Wallpapers - @Valera_077

I do wallpapers for smartphones. All of them are cool and good. Top Wallpapers

Bro - @mybroo

My channel is almost unique, it is a good platform for entertainment. I tell my life to a friend, and the friend is the reader himself. The uniqueness is that it is a quiet platform for advertising, as "bro", can advise Want What))) and for a good time🤘🏻

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