Why buy iPhone XS Max: 5 objective reasons

First of all, it's the top phone in 2018. Secondly, it's really incredibly cool!

The official sales have started, the actual prices have been announced, and fresh reviews appear in the network every now and then - it means that it's time to upgrade your iPhone. The device can be replaced by one of three new products: Xr, Xs, or Xs Max.

The iPhone XC Max is the most expensive smartphone created by Apple in 2018. Why exactly is it worthy of attention?

New product advantages

What are the unique characteristics of a smartphone with the prefix Max, never before used to name "apple" mobile devices? What are the reasons to buy iPhone XS Max in moyo.ua?

  1. Almost like an iPad Mini. We are talking, of course, about the size of the display diagonal. With a relatively compact body (comparable to the iPhone 8 Plus), the device is equipped with a Super Retina display with a diagonal of 6.5". Not a single pre-existing iPhone can boast of such a characteristic. And the iPad Mini mentioned above has a screen with a diagonal of only 1.4" more.
  2. The battery capacity. The Cupertinians did not make a mistake in the issue of autonomy - the most expensive iPhone in active use mode functions 90 minutes longer than the "apple" smartphones that appeared on the market in 2017. It also increased the operating time in the talk mode, viewing multimedia and listening to music.
  3. Ergonomics. Perhaps the iPhone XS Max will be recognized as the best smartphone that can be used for work purposes. The size of the device screen allows you to work comfortably in text and spreadsheet editors, communicate in messengers and exchange emails.
  4. ROM. Users who constantly suffer from a lack of cherished Gigabytes will definitely appreciate the XS Max, as the maximum allowable amount of main memory of the device is as much as 512 GB.
  5. Performance and power. The mobile device is based on the A12 Bionic - a new processor that guarantees high speed response to tasks, lack of hangs and lags. The super capabilities of the innovative chip will amaze both true geeks and ordinary users.

In addition to all this it is important to remember that iPhone Max is first of all a status, image phone, which in addition to the above-mentioned advantages can also boast an attractive modern design.

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