Plague Inc. walkthrough, guide, secrets and tips on the game

Plague Inc. walkthrough, guide and tips on the game

Plague Inc. game appeared quite a long time ago, back in 2012. But it still remains an interesting strategy with elements of horror, because the main goal for the player is the destruction of the population of the earth by means of deadly viruses. There are several strategy options to choose from: bacteria, virus, fungus, parasite, prion, nano-virus and bio-weapon. Collected as much information about the game, and told how to play it, as well as wrote tips and secrets as possible to properly destroy the population of the planet. We got a kind of walkthrough guide for the game Plague Inc.

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Plague Inc. walkthrough, guide, secrets and tips on the game

How to play the game?

The essence of the game is to wipe out all of humanity with a variety of virus strains. The manufacturer of this strain is you. All mankind acts against you and fights the virus - medics come up with vaccines, close down airports and entire continents so that the infection doesn't have time to spread. Your task - to go one step ahead of those who are trying to find an antivirus. You have to remember that every virus, bacteria, parasite and so on has its weaknesses and strengths that you need to use. This is what the whole game is based on. Now for tips on secrets and other tricks. If you learn anything new, write in the comments.

How to win in Plague Inc.

There is no exact recipe here that will allow you to win every time you start the game, because Plague Inc. sometimes depends on randomness. More precisely, it depends on what mutations are happening to your strain right now, what country you started with, and how quickly you react to certain countries. The main task is to infect as many people as possible (before the message "no more healthy people left" appears), and then methodically develop skills aimed at the lethal outcome. If you don't infect all the people, the game ends exactly after the last infected person dies.

Guide - walkthrough for the game Plague Inc.


The peculiarity of using the bacteria is the average rate of mankind being affected, with almost no obvious symptoms of the disease. Remember that resistance to the bacteria leads to a longer period of time to develop the vaccine. The tactic in this case is to  in the development of symptoms like coughing and vomiting. Next, it is necessary to increase the resistance to the third level. Then the disease will spread quickly and the cure will not have time to be created. The best place to start is with China.

Strategy for Bacteria in Plague Inc.

  1. Right from the start, we choose rash, sweating, and skin lesions
  2. Then a cough and a sneeze
  3. Air 1 - water 1 - air 2 - water 2 - bioaerosol
  4. Resistance to bacteria 1, 2, 3
  5. Drug resistance 1
  6. Strengthening genes 1
  7. It is important to get to a combination of nausea - vomiting - diarrhea - dysentery
  8. Pneumonia
  9. Insanity
  10. Strengthening genes 2
  11. Necrosis - pulmonary fibrosis - pneumonia or organ failure
  12. Epilepsy
  13. Rats 1 - birds 1 - insects 1, then rats 2 - birds 2 - insects 2


The most enjoyable thing about playing for a virus is the development of signs of disease without wasting points, the constant mutation of cells. Therefore, the virus takes different forms, and money is deposited into the player's account for the removal of the signs. The main feature is an unstable condition, the inability to control some symptoms. We should start with Saudi Arabia, oddly enough - the strategy we will give works even at the complex level without genes.

The strategy for the virus in Plague Inc.

  1. Air 1, 2
  2. Water 1, 2
  3. Bioaerosol
  4. Tablets 1, 2
  5. Frost resistance 1, 2
  6. Taking the combination of nausea, cough, rash, sweating, insomnia, cyst
  7. Sneezing - boils
  8. Pneumonia
  9. Fibrosis
  10. Failure of authorities
  11. Skin lesions, necrosis, diarrhea
  12. Vomiting, diarrhea, disinfection, insanity
  13. Reassembling DNA to make it harder to find a cure.


With the fungus, people will become infected slowly and the spread to new countries is difficult. The main feature is the explosion of spores when the disease suddenly appears in a new country. And when spores erupt, populations in five countries are affected at once, but this only happens at the fifth level. The best part is the intense infestation, where the fungus appears in a new country every minute. This is possible, after the eruption has developed.

Features tactics for fungus:

  • spend more points to develop the explosion;
  • after the appearance of the fungus in the 20 states, develop pathways of infection;
  • pump antibiotic resistance;
  • after affecting the 95% population, develop cough and other symptoms.


Parasites give almost no symptoms, so it is impossible to detect them in the host, which increases the chances of transmission. The main feature of the parasite is its symbiosis with the host. The basic tactic is to pump the symbiosis up to level three, developing cough and vomiting. Next, you can follow the pattern with fungus and viruses.


Prion is an infectious-type protein pathogen and affects the human psyche, so it takes a long time to develop a cure. The main peculiarity is amitrophy, which for a long time does not allow to pick up a vaccine. The development tactic is simple: pumping the transmission pathways, amitrophy to the third level, study and development of symptoms.

The Nano-virus

The nano-virus in the game Plague Inc. appears suddenly, from an experimental laboratory, so humanity knows the genetic code to develop a vaccine. The qualities of nano-viruses:

  • intercepting part of the code, breaking broadcasts, which increases the time to produce the vaccine;
  • high contagiousness;
  • contamination of even rich countries.

The tactics of the game when dealing with a nano-virus are to intercept part of the code, stabilize the elements, pump up the propagation pathways, develop symptoms, and use protection against treatment.


The bio-weapon in the game is released randomly, but destroys everything in its path, the lethality increases as the game progresses, and the main task is to infect people soon. The main features are gene compression, neutralization, high contagiousness and severe course in the sick.

The tactic is:

  • the launch of bio-weapons in South Africa;
  • reduction of mortality;
  • after the 90% population is affected, the annihilation gene must be turned on.

Plague Inc. walkthrough: guide and tips on the game

Tips for playing Plague Inc.

Before starting the game and choosing a weapon, remember a few tips:

  • start at the cajun level;
  • to discover new bacteria and viruses, you need to pass the intermediate and difficult level;
  • hinder the development of the cure;
  • Stay tuned to pump and improve the disease;
  • Click on the red and yellow icons, which adds points.

When choosing one or another microorganism, consider their characteristics:

  • the bacterium survives in all conditions;
  • the virus develops on its own, producing new symptoms, so you can avoid wasting points;
  • the fungus takes a long time to develop, but suddenly erupts in new countries;
  • the parasite is difficult to find in the body;
  • the prion itself is spreading;
  • nano-virus is well known to mankind, and there are codes to develop a vaccine;
  • The bio-weapon kills almost immediately, without pumping the symptoms.

A few tricks and tips on playing Plague Inc.

Despite the differences in microorganisms, there are a number of general recommendations for the development of disease:

  • Start with cold countries to develop a tolerance to different climates;
  • reduce mortality to go unnoticed longer;
  • spread viruses through water, air;
  • with viruses, it is better to include DNA reassembly to slow down vaccine development;
  • after infecting most of the ground, pump symptoms and resistance to the cure.

Using all of the above tips, advice, and guide, it will take you minutes to wipe out the entire population in the game Plague Inc.

Video walkthrough in Russian Plague Inc.


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