Top in the arena - Star Wars: Galactic of Heroes

First place in the arena - Star Wars: Galactic of Heroes

Many people have long been asking for information on how to properly occupy and keep Top in the Arena every day. Previously, we wrote Star Wars: Galactic of Heroes Beginners GuideBut now I'll tell you what lineup can easily take the first place in the arena - Star Wars: Galactic of Heroes without any donated characters. If you already have no problems with "taking the Top 1 in the Arena" and you win 95% battles (losses can always happen, sometimes the AI do indecent things, but with proper selection of your team, such losses will be rather a rare and unpleasant exception to the rule), then I will share a little secret, which I use myself.Thanks to the described tactics, I've been holding the Top 1 in Star Wars: Galactic of Heroes Arena for 20 days straight, and I only renew attempts once a day for 50 Cri + once or twice I renew time for an attack. I end up spending 50+50 crystals (sometimes +50 more crystals), and I get a prize of 500 cry every day. It's pretty trivial, there are a few simple rules. It is important when your arena is charging rewards: from this we dance, let's assume that you have rewards at 18.00.First place in the arena - Star Wars: Galactic of Heroes

How to be Top in the Arena - Star Wars: Galactic of Heroes

  1. At 00.00, when your ability to attack players in the arena is renewed, make 2-3 attacks if you have been dropped from the top of the arena. If you have not been kicked out, do NOT EVER Don't waste those precious attempts for the sake of a daily assignment. You will do it anyway, just later. Ideally, during the night/morning take 2-3 places in the Top. They are the most comfortable, because it is the least discounted, usually the hottest fight is for the top 1. But you can take the top 1 at once, it is not much of a principle.
  2. IMPORTANT! Take the Top 1 in advance, about an hour before your awards. If you have an award at 6:00 p.m., try to take it by 5:00 p.m. To do this, you will probably need an extra 5 attempts for 50 Cree once a day.
  3. Periodically go into the game and check where you are. If you are knocked down, get back up immediately, DO NOT wait!
  4. Set your alarm for 5:45 p.m. so you can always start a fight at 5:47 p.m. The battle should start at 5:47 p.m.. The main thing is not before! A little later is possible, but not desirable. You have 1-2 minutes, but that could be risky.
  5. If you still managed to be discounted, or you did not have the opportunity to go and check your current position, then still in 95% cases you were discounted no further than 8-9 place.
  6.  At 17.47 start the battle.A) If you were at this point in the Top 1, then just pull it for 5 minutes, you can not hit anyone and just wait until the time of the battle is over. Then immediately for 50 Cree renew your ability to attack again, and again just pull the battle for 5 minutes. Total time 17.57-17.58 - you are Number One in the ArenaB) If you were in 8th or 9th place at that moment, you attack in 4th or 5th place, bring the fight to the point where you have only one final blow to win, and wait for time to run out. You deal this blow in the last 20 seconds of the battle. After that, refresh the attack opportunity, and do the same procedure with the Top 1, if he is not as cunning as you, of course. That's why it is important at 17.47 to ALWAYS be at the top in the Arena, then others don't have a chance. If it was for some reason, don't despair - you haven't lost yet.
  7. In the worst case scenario, just take Top-2, if Top-1 is not available and already in combat, you will still be in a good "plus" on crystals, and can quickly collect heroes from the arena, getting 900-1000 arena coins every day.
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