Outwalk is a fitness app for those who have trouble walking a lot

Outwalk is a fitness app for those who find it hard to force themselves to walk a lot

So many people (all of them?) don't like the word "Gotta! And it doesn't matter what it's about: delays at work or your own health. Of course, if you have willpower, there's no question. But what if you have a problem with that?

Outwalk is an app that measures the steps, the kilometers you find in a day. For achieving good results - you get medals and badges, compete with friends and just compare your progress from day to day. Very useful for someone who needs to walk a lot, but can't bring himself to do it. The playful and competitive principles will help you get moving.

Download for free Outwalk from the AppStore.

What Outwalk Can Do

  • Track the distance in kilometers and steps that you walked during the day
  • build personalized reports on your data, get badges and rewards for it
  • Share your victories with your friends, even via iMessage
  • meet new people around the world, communicate with them inside the app
  • receive notifications

Video review of Outwalk

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