How to use lifeviewer

LifeViewer review - planner, diary and todo list in one app

The other day an interesting application called LifeViewer appeared in the App Store - it is a diary, a task planner and an idea diary in one place. Developers are increasingly trying to combine them - you should agree that it is more convenient to plan your life within a single space, rather than having a stationary application for each.

What's interesting in LifeViewer

The application performs several functions - it shows the planned tasks for the day, makes it possible to immediately write down some interesting thought, and offers to summarize today's day. For this purpose, the main screen of the application is divided into four areas:

  1. summary of the day,
  2. ideas,
  3. thoughts,
  4. tasks and pictures.

At the bottom of the screen there is an innocuous timeline that shows how much time is left until the end of the day/week/month/year. And it also shows the time to the end of life - the developers decided that a person lives on average 80 years, so you enter your date of birth and LifeViewer shows "how long you have left to live". The information is not very nice, especially considering that it is counting down, and maybe it will inspire someone to do new things.

How to use lifeviewer

Summary of the day

A small text box (200 characters, no limit in the Pro version) where you can write down what you did today. You can use this section as, for example, a gratitude diary - write down to whom and for what you are grateful. Or maybe about what you did. It is clear that there is not enough space for a big list, but if you limit yourself to 2-3 main tasks per day, it will be enough.

If you look back and read this record, they can be just as motivating.

Ideas and Thoughts

The same capacity window for text, but with a different meaning - if you have an interesting idea or thought, you can write it down so you don't forget it. It may well remain empty, because not every day you are visited by brilliant thoughts. On the other hand, it is recommended to write down all thoughts, and then from time to time read them, if any of them catches on - perhaps it is worth looking at it more closely.


The usual todo list, in which you can write down as many tasks as you need, there are no restrictions. You complete the task - you tick it off. It's simple, comfortable, and dry.

Photo by

Perhaps it should be a picture of the day or something interesting that you remember. I did not see the meaning of this section. Maybe you will need it more.

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What can be improved in LifeViewer

Right now you can give several suggestions to the developers to improve the functionality of LifeViewer:

  • To see information about yesterday, you have to go to the "week" section at the bottom of the screen and click on yesterday. It would be much more convenient to make switching with swipes, which is an intuitive gesture that speeds up navigation.
  • If I wrote down my ideas and thoughts yesterday, I can't view them today. And I can't view them in a separate window - make it so that I can go to the "Ideas and thoughts" section, and all my entries would be shown linked to the day. Otherwise the section becomes useless - I'm unlikely to look through my old days, especially with that kind of navigation. I want the same with any other section.
  • Yesterday's tasks do not carry over to today. If I didn't complete them yesterday, I need to cram them into today's todo list, which is inconvenient, especially if I have at least ten tasks scheduled. And in general, it would be nice to still fall into the task and add notes to it, change the color and/or boldness of the font, add icons.
  • The "Photo" section is square, make it the same rectangle as the "Tasks" section, or add some new section to make the application look symmetrical.
  • The app doesn't have any settings, notifications, or even a widget. I believe that these features would make it much more convenient.
  • Also, for some reason I wanted a web version. Not writing for Mac or Windows, but a web site. Where I could more comfortably read, analyze, and fill it all out.

Why LifeViewer is needed

Even now, the app is not a bad version of an electronic diary, in which you can store all the information about yourself: what you have been doing, what you have been thinking about, how you have developed, what results you have reached, how you look, what you have achieved. In essence, it is a diary with the functions of a To-Do manager. LifeViewer, of course, needs some work - you can make nicer colors, better animation and readable font, but even with what you have now, you can use it. Because the idea is interesting and the implementation is not bad, but there is room to grow.

The app is distributed for free, but if you want to unlock new design schemes, you have to subscribe for $1.99 per month. I think the price tag is steep, but if the developers continue to develop their app, why not pay? You can discount 10-15% for an annual subscription and then it's even a great price.

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That's a great app! You kind of have a personal timer like in the movie Time. Only pity we don't stop aging at 25. I'm sure there will be lots of filler, because such a cool idea will definitely not die out anymore! Go for it, well done!!!!!

Oleg Tsegelnik

I agree, great idea and implementation! Now build up the "meat" - functionality))