Evolve: Hunters Quest

Evolve: Hunters Quest - review

Not long ago I wrote about Evolve: Hunters Quest for iOS, and today I'm going to tell you how I played it. Frankly, the gameplay of the game pulled me in. For... For three days. Then I got sick of the monotony. That's how it did not go at all. But nevertheless I can give you some tips on playing Evolve: Hunters Quest.

Evolve: Hunters Quest

Briefly about the game - it's a Puzzle-quest under the guise of fighting rodent aliens and human hunters.
Evolve: Hunters Quest
There are several zones in the game. Each zone has its own path, through which you must pass in order to move to the next zone. The path consists of more than a dozen battles with monsters.
Evolve: Hunters Quest
Your team is four cutthroats who clear these very zones. Each fighter is unique, except for the basic duty of shooting and destroying:
  • shoots better,
  • cures,
  • sets traps,
  • protects his own by shielding them.
Evolve: Hunters Quest
Combat. Before the fight, you can use some kind of enhancement: increase the damage, shield or energy. To do this, we use the currency that we gain in battles.
To do damage you need to collect chips in a row. The red ones are damage, the yellow ones are energy, the green ones are shield, and the blue ones are health restoration. Also the accumulation of different energy opens up the use of different fighters' skills (healing, damage, shield and trap). The more chips in a row, the better, well, as always 🙂 - three in a row of blue - treats one player who needs it most from the group, if four - all. And so on.
Evolve: Hunters Quest
I almost forgot to mention that the level of fighters grows. And each, over time, can be improved. Well, that's understandable, the monsters are also evolving 🙂 🙂
That's pretty much the whole game. Probably can drag someone for a long time, but in fact, nothing new. Just a pretty wrapper.
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