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Communicating with God through a smartphone is our reality

Now your smartphone can be a guide to God. Surprised? Top up your balance and pay for absolution

Let's try to touch the subject of religion with some caution. It is also being modernized and adapted to technologically savvy believers and clergymen. It turns out (although it's not even surprising) that in the Apple Store and Google Play you can find special Orthodox apps that help you get to know your faith better and study it more deeply.

Even prayer can now be easily ordered from a smartphone. Such a daring app was developed for a men's monastery in Nizhny Novgorod. Its name is "iTrebs". Is this a civilized step forward or a road in the opposite direction from the faith? God only knows...

Orthodox apps in priests' smartphones

The question of the authenticity of faith is now very pressing. Sacred and intimate topics about faith are moving seamlessly onto our smartphone platforms. Why is there such a contradictory trend? Is it a legitimate unification of technology and the soul? Cars are becoming humanized, smartphones are being filled with religion. Or maybe it's much simpler than that? Some priests have long lost their authentic spirituality, do not lead an ascetic life, and do not give up worldly pleasures for the sake of union with the Lord. They drive polished, late-model foreign cars and hold a Bible in one hand and an iPhone in the other. What is this? An inevitability from which there is no escape and no hiding in the modern world, or the decline of morals, loss of morality and substitution of notions? Everyone will answer this question for himself. It is very controversial. Let's not go deep and argue. It is better to see what interesting and useful developers of Christian apps have prepared for us.

Where to Find and Download Orthodox Apps

In fact, you don't need to look for anything. All of the most necessary applications are collected in this article. Our editorial team tried to rank them by importance and frequency of use.

Of course, every religion begins with a scripture that tells the story, all the dogmas, and all the rules. In our case, it is the Bible.

The Bible

The Bible

The printed version of the book is quite bulky, so its electronic version will be much more convenient to use. This application has a user-friendly interface, easy navigation and quite a wide range of functions. You will not only be able to study the text of the Bible in Russian, but also to read translations from other languages. Audio and video files are also available. Many more interesting things await you inside:

  • Different Bible reading plans.
  • Excerpts from the movie "Jesus," the Bible series, and Project Lumo.
  • Text Search.
  • Highlight verses with different colors. You can attach pictures to the poems and share them with friends.
  • Adding notes.
  • Offline Bible access.
  • Listening to audio versions.

If you Download is an Orthodox supplement, you can turn to the Bible for advice at any time.

Orthodox calendar

Orthodox Calendar

Another attribute that any churchgoer can hardly do without is the Orthodox calendar. If we were given days off based on the dates of church holidays, we would probably not work. Deeply religious people exempt themselves from chores on major church holidays: you can't sew, you can't clean. Such an app can be a great reminder of upcoming events and upcoming fasts. You won't miss church services that are timed to coincide with the holidays, and therefore, more often you can cleanse your soul of sins and be closer to God. In addition to the dates and names of the feasts, the appendix contains a picture of the saints commemorated on a particular day.

Download You can use the Orthodox Calendar app absolutely free of charge. There are no restrictions or additional purchases.

Prayer Book

HD Prayer Book

Did you know that every Orthodox Christian should learn at least one prayer by heart? I recently had a baby baptized and found myself in a very uncomfortable situation. Fortunately, my godfather was with me for company. The priest who performed the ceremony asked us directly: "Do you know the prayers?" We were embarrassed, because godparents are people who should care about the spiritual education of their mentor. Thanks to this application, I will learn.

In this electronic collection you will find more than 400 different prayers: for different occasions of family life, for sleeping and morning prayers, prayers addressed to the saints. With the Prayer Book app, you can watch video recordings of sermons and get answers to different questions about faith, such as: "Why go to temple?"

Download  You can use the Orthodox Prayers app for free, but it has built-in purchases. I wondered what they were... it turned out to be a fixed donation to the developers: $1.99, $3.99, $4.99.

Orthodox icons

Orthodox icons

They say that icons have power. I wonder if this applies only to those painted by the hand of a deeply religious master, or if this power can even come from an image on a smartphone. If the latter statement is true, then the Orthodox Icons app will be very useful to every modern believer.

Thanks to this Orthodox app for iMessage, you can send images of healing icons to your friends and relatives. They will say much better than any words about your care and concern.

Download The app is free, and for $0.99 get access to 70 stickers with images of saints, including such rare ones as the icon of Matrona of Moscow.

Radio Faith. Light Radio

Radio Faith. Light Radio

This radio is called "light" by many listeners, all because its programs teach, guide, enlighten, and fill. The app was created so that radio listeners could have constant access to their favorite radio, on the waves of which they can hear advice about proper parenting, interesting historical facts, listen to gospel readings, and simply good music.

In the app you will find the following headings:

  • Gospel of the Day. Clergymen tell us how to interpret the Gospel lines read on a particular day.
  • Calendar of the Day. It recounts the lives of the saints commemorated on this day.
  • Light Evening. The program is a dialogue between the presenter and the invited guests, who can be both priests and people "from the world": figures of art, culture and education.
  • Family stories with Tutta Larsen. You can hear stories about the family life of famous people, their love and relationships.
  • Bookmarked by Pavel Kryuchkov. The author reflects on various literary works that are iconic in contemporary literature.
  • Private Opinion. The authors' thoughts on everything that surrounds them, reasoning about life: baptism, spoilage, red thread, gadgets, anxiety, dealing with a child, creativity and other interesting things.
  • Case of the Day. The program is about mercy. You can hear the stories of people who need help.
  • The Springs of Heaven. Here are conversations, reflections, and advice from clergymen about God, faith, and life.
  • Walks around Moscow. A stroll through the sights of the city, during which you can peek into the corners of history, learn about interesting events and traditions.
  • Names of Mercy. Stories about people who have devoted themselves to caring for their loved ones.

Audio files can be saved on your smartphone or added to your favorites, shared with friends on social networks or messenger, as well as read a brief summary of the topic disclosed in the recording.

Important: The application is downloaded to your smartphone, but because it is a Russian product, it only works when the VPN is enabled.

Download orthodox application and don't forget to install a VPN beforehand.

Eden - Dating for Christians

Eden - Dating for Christians

The app opens borders for believers. It was created so that Christians could find spiritual friends in other countries and continents far away, perhaps even a soulmate.

To open the door to new acquaintances you only need to fill in information about yourself in your profile, choose your confession and start communicating. The developers themselves call the app a "ray of hope" for people who live in the backcountry, far from the temple and fellow believers. It is with the help of Eden you can find a worthy life partner who fully shares your views on life and faith.


  • The application was created by a team of Ukrainian developers, which consisted of seven people.
  • The development process took about one year.
  • To better identify your profile, you can set up a photo, but without the exposed body parts.
  • Users can only view profiles of people of the opposite sex.
  • The application works in Ukraine, Belarus and the United States. Geolocation will be expanded over time.
  • Eden will always be free.

Take a step toward a brighter future - Download Eden on your iPhone.

All of the Orthodox apps described above are used by a huge number of people, who find them useful and convenient. We selected the best ones based on the number of positive reviews, most of which began or ended with the words, "Thank you, God! We will finish our article as well.

Thank you, Lord, dear readers!


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Kathy Halvashy

Hello everyone! Would you like to have a Christian app on your phone? An app that has both Christian Online Television and Christian Radio? Where you could text your pastor directly and ask for prayer support? Find out what's going on in the church, what the youth are doing? Or maybe you're interested in Christian relationship issues, love? Do you want to see testimonies of people who have had problems and how God has helped them? All of this is made possible with the church's new Christian app, Temple of the Holy Spirit. The app contains articles and reflections from pastors and bishops from around the world, people's testimonies, Christian School of Love videos, videos for women, for young people, Christian songs and much more. Download from the official AppStore and Playmarket. Detailed instructions on how to install the app you can see in the video at the link: https://youtu.be/kN5vCwx_-fc
May God bless you abundantly!