A new app from LINE for businesses and professionals

Corporation LINE - the creator of the communication app LINE - introduced a new app for businesses and professional users. The app is designed to help users create official accounts to communicate with clients or fans.LineAt-PC[email protected] can also be used to send mass messages to all subscribers of your account, which, moreover, can be scheduled for the future. In addition, users can communicate privately with each customer or fan.Line-screensAs with many other social networks, brands and businesses using [email protected], create a home page with all your business information and news. In addition, all your friends will see any updates in your account.The user is given a random number for free, or he can buy a custom number for $24, for which he will then pay $12 annually.The application is available for Android и iOS, offering both paid and free schemes. Free accounts are limited to 1,000 messages per month. With the paid basis, applications will cost $50 per month. Its users get to send 50,000 messages per month. Each message over this amount will cost an additional 0.01 cents. For accounts [email protected] you must pay through the corporation's payment system.LineAt-branded-messagesAppendix [email protected] Supports the following languages: Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese (Brazilian/Portuguese), Russian, Spanish, and Thai.LineAt-One-on-One-chatAdditional features include the ability to create a PR page with official materials, as well as a page where users can leave questions or reviews.

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