Nonstop Chuck Norris - Chuck Norris Birthday Present

Nonstop Chuck Norris - Chuck Norris Birthday Present

Crush, break chins and legs by Chuck Norris in the game of the same name

The game Nonstop Chuck Norris from flaregames appeared on smartphones not just for fun, but as a gift for the 77th birthday of birthday boy Chuck Norris, and you can download it for free on both Android and iOS. The main purpose of the game - is to hold fights and defeat villains on behalf of the actor or the face of the actor, whichever is more familiar. By the way, it is very similar (or rather a conscious clone) of a very famous game Nonstop Knightwhich we've told you a lot about before. And here you can read about the main character's pets.

Download Nonstop Chuck Norris for iPhone, for Android.


Nonstop Chuck Norris how to play

The only thing cooler than Chuck 0 is his alter ego in the game

You will have to play as Chuck Norris, and in offline mode. Controls in battle are in automatic mode and using the buttons and fingers on the sensor. Although victory can be achieved only with your participation, when you can use the signature techniques of Chuck. And the main advantages of the game are considered:

  • the use of special Chuck Norris techniques, such as the "twirl;
  • The possibility of using improvised objects, such as a saw or a chair;
  • the appearance of facts of life, interesting stories about Chuck Norris after completing the levels and in preparation for them;
  • the appearance of animals that look so much like the main character;
  • buying additional weapons for real money in the online store to pump up your character;

 Nonstop Chuck Norris

What you need to know about the game Nonstop Chuck Norris

When installing the game Nonstop Chuck Norris, many people have questions about the chests, setup, and items. To make it easier to pass it, remember a couple of subtleties:

  • you can find gold, items, or gem videos in the mystery boxes, although they can be stolen by enemies;
  • in the store you can buy special items for battles, and offers and assortment are updated every three hours, but then you have to spend real money;
  • items and weapons can be sold, but only what is removed from the equipment;
  • to see what items are in the boxes, click on them, and then you will see what level is required to unlock them;
  • to turn on the mode "Super Chuck Norris" use the drink Cforce Water, which makes the player more resistant, endurance, and deals a serious blow to opponents, although it does not last more than two minutes;
  • the drink can only be opened after the Rift, but you can use it at different levels;
  • To fight the real three bosses you can buy a Boss Ticket. Although this option also appears after switching to the Rift;

Video gameplay

Despite the simple controls, users will be able to unlock a lot of levels, find original items such as selfies sticks, dilute the company with funny animals and fight the real bosses of evil.

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