Nike Run Club - running is not just for survival, but for health

Nike Run Club - running not for survival, but for health

Recently, people do not have time for healthy eating and sports, although this lifestyle is still popular. Nike decided to take care of this problem and created the Nike+ Run Club appwhich allows you to keep track of your training, track your progress, and be constantly on the move. What does it look like? Let's find out below.

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Nike Run Club - running is not just for survival, but for health

Why use Nike+ Run Club

  • design is done in white and red shades, it is suitable for those who root for Spartak and Liverpool)
  • There are no unnecessary details in the design, the menu is hidden on the side - fans of minimalism. And not to get confused, there is a small tutorial interface and tips;
  • To use it, you need to register or synchronize your entry with one of the social networks. On its own Nike+ Run Club - is a real social network in which you can share your successes and communicate;
  • Another feature is the use of the Nike Shop with new clothes and shoes from the company. Although delivery is not possible in the CIS, although in the future, I think it will become available;
  • the presence of the Nike Trainer function, in which you can find a program for any type of workout;
  • full awareness of their results and achievements, support from famous athletes through motivational videos.

How to use Nike+ Run Club

How to use Nike+ Run Clubwhen you are already standing on the treadmill or on the street? Note right away that it is better to specify the position, so that the data are more accurate. Next  click  Run and specify:

  • type of running: unlimited number, certain distance, speed modes;
  • type of race: street, stadium, track;
  • music selected from existing tracks or from  of the playlist you created.

After pressing the Begin Run button, the training time and the kilometers traveled start counting down. The screen will also show the control panel, music, lock, and information about the distance traveled. When the exercise is over, you can get a lot of information:

  • time of the run;
  • the road traveled;
  • number of calories;
  • course map.

Another nice "plus" from the app is supportive captions at the end of each session, such as "Way to go, Well done, Onward to your goal!" Want to see how effective it is?

Video review of Nike+ Run Club

From Roman Reznichenko. Thank you, Roman.

Why we love Nike+ Run Club

Undoubtedly, Nike+ Run Clubhas a lot of analogues, but not everyone promotes a healthy lifestyle as actively as Nike. Therefore, to use the application means to follow the principles of an athlete in everything. And convenient operation, simple interface, availability of statistics and music player will make every training unforgettable and effective.

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