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Some fans of playing mobile games, and prefer a version of gameplay, when you just go into the game for a short time, collect items, loot, gold or something else, and then minimize it to the next turn. At the same time your character is doing something on their own - mining or fighting with enemies. Never Endless Dungeon is the latest development where the creators of the game exploit the RPG genre. As the name suggests, the protagonist travels through an endless dungeon, and, apparently, collects loot, gains experience and can pump up his own skills. And, most likely, in addition to monsters, as it usually happens in classic RPGs, he will meet with bosses.

Never Endless Dungeon actually lives up to our expectations - all the assumptions have been put into practice. We play as one of the two characters presented in the game so far. By default it's a dwarf, but you can also choose an archer.

In any case, our character is equipped with different kinds of weapons and armor - a total of 8 active slots.

The protagonist runs around the dungeon and kills monsters, gets loot and looks for coins. Periodically, or rather, after clearing a certain number of waves of monsters, we have a button "attack the boss", after which the hero is transferred to a special level, where he fights a big monster 1x1. As a rule, good loot and a lot of gold fall out of the bosses, so it is worth periodically appearing in the game to be able to "kill" the next ringleader and move up a level.

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Every time you enter the game, you get a report on how long you were away and how much gold, experience and equipment your character has "raked in. Be sure to go into the inventory afterwards - cool armor or weapons may appear there that are worth putting on the character right away. The rest, which didn't fit you, is worth selling or laying out for material.

I recommend watching the ads - so you can double the extraction. True, sometimes the game simply crashes after closing the ads (but in the new version, this bug has been fixed. ed. Oleg).

And another interesting point - you can run the game as two characters at once. It is unclear why this is necessary - the gameplay is not fundamentally changed. Apparently, in order to spend a little more time here.

In general, the game has a rather unusual interface - on the main screen you will not find the "pause" or "settings" button. So to somehow go to the inventory or other screens, you need to click on the backpack button at the top of the screen. This will take you to the active screens, where you can see the inventory itself, the character slots, and the conditional skill tree. If you're watching your character fight, however, the skill buttons appear at the bottom of the screen - three of them are customizable, and the fourth is defined as "treatment."

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Note that not always loot with a high level is considered good - it can greatly increase the stats, for example, intelligence, but reduce the strength and endurance. We don't need such a device - pay attention to the stats and make a choice in favor of the "right" things right now. And in general, to be honest, the impact of the armor on the character's survivability (purely visually) is not felt. But weapons - very much so, judging by the numbers flying out of the monsters.

As for skills, I chose the "single target" tactic - I take only those skills that do a lot of damage to a single character. The thing is that you're unlikely to take part in battles with ordinary monsters - the protagonist will do it himself. But you'll have to fight the bosses manually - and while you're fighting one-on-one, the single-targeting abilers will be very useful. I choose these abilities and try to pump them for gold to deal as much damage as possible at the current level.

I'll add - Oleg. That over time, the bosses will become quite strong. They can hit a character's full health level, so defensive skills may become important skills. That is, those that are aimed at improving the hero's defensive qualities or reducing the boss' damage. In general, experiment. My combination right now is like this:

  • Execution (level 2) - huge damage on one target. Sometimes I change it to Stoneknife (level 5) when I need to survive.
  • Kpythe Cauldron - increase health regeneration and increase armor.
  • Rattler - lowers the damage dealt by the enemy, lowers his defense.

And a few words about the store. Buy only for gold, of course, although if enough crystals, you can and for them. The right investment will be:

  • armor of a higher level than the hero has. For example, if the hero is fully dressed in blue, you should not buy it and buy only purple. It can either be dressed up or disassembled to make the right thing in the Workshop. If there is a yellow thing - the legendary, be sure to buy.
  • Shards of souls - you need them to pump up "sharpening". Usually they fall out after killing a boss.
  • The rest is as needed.

Do not forget to pass the Labyrinth and Portals every day - there's just a good loot can fall out, which will allow to pass higher in the main game. I haven't gotten to the Tower yet.

The game does not require attention - you can enter once a day / week, collect loot, scatter things in the inventory and safely forget about it until tomorrow. I like the picture (although a little sluggish), the interface is more or less understandable, so the game definitely deserves its grade.

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