"No words, just Emoji" - iOS 12.1 will come out with new emoji

And Apple innovations in the new iOS12.1. When will they stop? Over 150 new emoji.

New emoji on iPhone

In the new firmware iOS 12.1 we will see 158 new emoji to help us express emotions and feelings or reinforce them, more quickly convey your position to your opponent, make the message brighter and attract more attention to it.

Emoji emoticons have changed

The most significant change was that the icon faces gained more personality. The developers have tried to widen the possibilities for users to express themselves and designate people. Now you can clearly and distinctly represent a person with curly hair, a representative of the Negro race or a gray-haired old man. Below is a full list of new emoji that will be released in iOS12.

"No words, just Emoji" - iOS 12.1 will come out with new emojiSociety continues to learn to accept people who are different in some way from the majority adequately and with understanding. Gradually the boundaries of race are being erased. We are increasingly looking for similarities rather than differences, so there are more and more points of contact between people of different nationalities. This leads to a decrease in aggression and, consequently, to the disappearance of conflicts and wars.

Self-expression, whatever form it has, is an integral part of the formation of personality, so a bright and unconventional appearance of the person should not cause surprise and rejection of others.

It will not be surprising if in a year we see emoji illustrating a person with disabilities, either in a wheelchair or with a prosthesis. This would be the next step in fostering tolerance and respect. Underneath all these brightly colored faces and icons is a deep implication. They carry a not so superficial function, they discreetly change society.

What else is new in iOS 12.1 emoji

  • With the development of interest in arts and crafts, especially needlework, users began to need additional symbols for their tools, so emoji were added: a spool of thread, a ball of yarn, a pin. The increase in interest in handmade products is likely to generate demand for other emoji. Already, among the new icons, you can see a toy bear stylized as a handmade one.
  • We have become more attentive to our health and nutrition. Jogging, yoga and the gym are not only the way to a healthy lifestyle, but also a fashion trend, so there's no getting around mango, green salad, skateboard and a bowl of Frisbee these days.
  • Genetic engineering, virology, and biotechnology have become public knowledge. Topics from this field are widely discussed on social networks. Now apple product owners who have an active life stance or are directly connected to these areas can use IOS emoji such as: DNA chain, petri dish, test tube, microbe, white coat and safety glasses.
  • New animals have appeared. The Society for the Protection of Their Rights is not silent and is attracting some rare species to the problem of extinction. Lama, badger, kangaroo, hippo, peacock, swan, mosquito, crayfish, raccoon and mosquito will appear with the installation of IOS 12.1.
    Two versions of the image of people in superhero costumes - such emoji will emphasize the joy and pride of completing a successful project or other achievement.

On Emojipedia. https://emojipedia.org/ you can read all the existing icons, decipher for yourself the meaning of the emoji, and read the latest news about the update. Interestingly, the appearance of emoji can vary slightly from platform to platform, and sometimes change dramatically.

Let's see on the Thinking Smiley how the smiley is different on different platforms.

Thinking Face - thinking emoji

"No words, just Emoji" - iOS 12.1 will come out with new emoji

"No words, just Emoji" - iOS 12.1 will come out with new emoji

"No words, just Emoji" - iOS 12.1 will come out with new emoji


In order to interpret some of the graphic symbols, we will have to delve into the science jokingly referred to as emojiLogy.


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