Create the skyscraper of your dreams in the game Skyscrapers

Create the skyscraper of your dreams in the game Skyscrapers

The game Skyscrapers is a unique economic strategy whose task is to create the largest skyscraper in the world in real time. The developers of ALLMOBILE tried to take into account the wishes of each user, so the game is very balanced and playable: a lot of resources, multi-level management, minimal traffic costs when playing in the Internet. Let's get acquainted with it closer.

Download the game Skyscrapers for free on Google Play.

Create the skyscraper of your dreams in the game Skyscrapers

Game Features Skyscrapers

Consider the main features of the game, namely:

  1. storyline;
  2. mechanical equipment;
  3. design;
  4. sound accompaniment;


The essence of the game Skyscrapers is that you are a budding businessman and you need to create the largest skyscraper that makes a lot of money. The problem is that the first levels are not abundant with lots of resources, and customers demand profits. Of the currency used: coins and dollars. These can be obtained by renting out finished floors for apartments, business centers, and stores. Another difficulty is to distribute the work properly among the managers of your company.


The interface has several advantages over other similar applications:

  • simplified;
  • terse;
  • adapted for the Russian language;
  • allows you to immediately distribute tasks among employees;

Create the skyscraper of your dreams in the game Skyscrapers

From level to level the game Skyscrapers will become more and more difficult, so you need good logic. Also remember these rules:

  • Watch the reputation and the work of the staff;
  • Make customers happy, and then you'll get a lot of coins or dollars;
  • keep an eye on the goods, a shortage of one can stop all work;
  • If necessary, buy items in real stores, but at the last levels;
  • manage the elevator correctly, paying attention to the needs of VIP customers;
  • as the skyscraper grows, the cost, the amount of resources will increase;

Reach level ten is not so difficult if you are a good strategist and are willing to devote a lot of time to the game.


Design in the game Skyscrapers is truly minimalistic, because the purchase, control and work is done in the form of pop-up icons, boxes. So you can't count on cool graphics and bright pictures, although the design doesn't strain your eyes.

Sound in the game

There is no sound accompaniment in the game, because the goal is to work endlessly and persistently, so nothing will distract you from the construction, control and management. On the other hand, in parallel you can Listen to a helpful audiobook or good music from your playlist.

The top secret of the game Skyscrapers 🙂

There is a little secret in Skyscrapers that will increase your number of coins, or rather PumpIT, which allow you to buy things in other games, but not like the standard currency. In order to get them:

  • click on the coins in the game;
  • open a selection with replenishment;
  • Choose a top-up option, such as Webmoney, where for 60 UAH. You can get about 200 bucks, and the currency in the form of dollars;
  • Then there will be a checkmark for refilling;

After that, you will have access to about nine mini-tasks, for which you get coins, dollars and keys. The latter are only available on weekdays. If you complete up to six tasks a day, you'll get twice as many the following week. Don't give up on the tasks, because the keys will come in handy when you complete the labyrinth.

Each maze has dead ends, about 10 doors, empty rooms, and rooms with coins. If you can overcome all ten floors, you will receive a prize of one to seven million coins, up to 100 million experience. After completing the tasks, click "Get Reward".

What to spend money on in the game

You can spend the money you receive on such useful things:

  • contribute to your city's budget;
  • to accelerate the construction of the floors;
  • for the delivery and purchase of goods;
  • for elevator improvements;
  • Improved marketing and PR, which will bring in more money when you sell your product;
  • Purchase transportation;

And remember, it's better to make all purchases before going to bed, as well as to set tasks. But do not order PR on the condition that you will not go into the game for a couple of days, although this is hardly possible.

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