Mobile Legends - we've seen this somewhere before

Mobile Legends - we've seen this somewhere before

Psst... League of Legends on a smartphone?

Mobile Legends - Another popular MOBA game, which is only released on mobile devices. Unlike Vainglory, this game is practically a clone of the popular computer game League of Legends. The clone is so "identical" that one still wonders why RIOT Games hasn't done anything with the developers. However, despite the obvious "similarity" of Mobile Legends to League of Legends, the game still has a certain identity - apparently, thanks to it the game became popular around the world and has some prohibitive rating even in not the most generous stores.

Mobile Legends: at a glance

The developers of Mobile Legends tried to do their best to make the game look not like a low-polygon stump, but a full-fledged MOBA, and managed to fit everything into it, not to differ from the PC titles. This applies to the interface, and game mechanics, and gameplay, and content - the heroes here are ninety pieces (right now), and the developers are not going to stop there. There is clearly copied from the League of Legends characters (in appearance and magic), there are similar to DOTA2, and there are unique, with their own skills and animation. In particular, surprised the hero named Bruno (Bruno) - while his colleagues are shooting bows and pistols, he attacks from a distance with a ball, which kicks with his foot. It seems that such mechanics do not exist in computer MOBAs, and already at least such findings are valuable in Mobile Legends.

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Gameplay remained unchanged - we play a full-fledged 5x5 map with excellent scaling, convenient distances, full three lines, and forest monsters. Developers have got the hang of the forest - there are several camps, just like in League of Legends, but the location is slightly different, and some liners can farm the forest without leaving the active site, which is convenient. Monsters give experience and gold, as well as useful buffs, and each character gets a buff that improves his position, rather than any general increase in characteristics, which is nice. There is also a turtle (at the bottom of the screen) and a lord (at the top). The turtle gives some nice boosts to the team, it appears in the second minute of the game. And when you kill the Lord, you summon his light incarnation to your side - he fights for you and hurts the towers. This is where you can draw an analogy with Vainglory - Kraken does roughly the same thing, in other famous MOVAs the "most important monster" does not behave like that.

Oh yeah, about the tower placement - in Mobile Legends there are 3 towers on each line, but there are no towers near the main building, it defends itself. This also speeds up the gameplay, because in the "big" MOVA games there are 2 towers in front of this building, causing a lot of damage to the characters. It turns out that in Mobile Legends games end faster, and the chances of a gamble are significantly reduced - the enemy can not be distracted by the heroes and just miss the main building.

Especially for Mobile Legends, we invented a control that allows you to play comfortably on a small screen. If in Vainglory the control is based on taps, here you use the joystick to move around the map. In the bottom right corner there are buttons for auto-attack and all character skills. The character attacks in the following order of priority: enemy hero, tower, creeps. Sometimes there are problems with this - sometimes you want to purposefully miss the tower even if the enemy is in the kill zone, but it does not work, because our character switches to the enemy, and as a result the tower starts to shoot at us too. However, you quickly get used to this kind of control, and you don't want to go back to "tap". The developers of Vainglory, by the way, borrowed this type of control, which only emphasizes the right decision.

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Another interesting point - there is no store here, you can buy up during the battle. And the purchase here is so fast that you don't even have time to see what you bought at all. Developers, too, apparently, purchase a secondary role - at the beginning you can choose one of several preset purchases, focused on instant or lasting damage, defense or heap. You can also take advantage of top player purchases, which can be useful. So it's not possible to explore the store completely - you want to kill without distracting yourself with all sorts of theoretical points, but we still recommend to see what items exist in general, and in what sequence you need to purchase.

Characters (heroes) in Mobile Legends

Since the developers were inspired by League of Legends and not DOTA2, it is logical to assume that Mobile Legends should have the same roles: top, forest, mid, adc, and sappor. Now we'll tell you who they are:

The top player is a top line player. The character should usually be tanked to be able to absorb damage in 5x5 battles. But sometimes the team will benefit from some "juggernaut" - the same as a tank, but with less health, but with serious damage. To tell you the truth, the top is the most boring line, because all the action takes place elsewhere.

Forest - a player without a line, farms forest. Probably the second most important role in the game after the mid. He gathers purposefully under the forest, buys artifacts for the forest, and uses a spell to clear the forest. A character for the forest is chosen so as to bring maximum synergy to the team. If you take a low-hop character on the top, you'll have to take a tank as a forester; if the team has no initiation, the forester's task will be to break into the enemy team and cause major damage to kerry-persons; if the team suffers from lack of control, the forester needs stan, slowdowns, and so on. Also, a forester has to, besides farming in the forest, put pressure on the line, go out on the so-called "ganks" - to help heroes on the line to kill the enemy, so the forester needs control spells or allowing to shorten the distance in any case. A competent forester wins games, and the most interesting thing is that no one pretends to play this role at low levels, so you can hone your forester skills right from the start.

The Mead is a mid-line player. He is usually a mage who does a lot of damage to the enemy. Miders can leave the line, helping to put pressure on the other lines, but they should also be ready for sudden ganks themselves. It's the most important role in the game, because the center line is the shortest and the fastest to reach the main building, and it's also equidistant from Turtle and Lord, so the mider should constantly look at the mini-map and be ready to help the forester, top or bottom line.

Adk is an AD carry (attack damage carry), the second kerry character in the team (after the middler), who swings on the bottom line. His task is to finish off creeps, quickly buy up and deal a lot of physical damage "from the hand". A lack of such damage can affect overall team's combat efficiency, so the Adk is hunted with a lot of attention. The task of the player in this position is to score as quickly as possible on basic items and start killing.

The Sappor is a bottom line player who plays along with the Hellc and helps him in every way possible. His job is to protect the Hellc, and closer to the Leit-Game to be useful in 5x5 battles, handing out useful buffs and spells to everyone. Sappers can be different - tanks, juggernauts, mages, and so on.

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At the same time the game itself offers this division of characters by role:

- Tank
- Combatant
- Killer
- Shooter
- Support
- Magician

How to play Mobile Legends

So, we got acquainted with the main roles in the game, it's time to run the first match. But before that, you need to go through a little tutorial - you'll be taught how to move, attack and shop. If you want to try playing in the forest, you'll have to pay some in-game currency. Then, after passing the tutorial, you can start the normal game - every week the game gives you 10 free characters, the rest will not be available until you buy them (or they become free). There will be problems with communication in the game - almost no one follows the rules on character selection in castoffs, so a five-shooter setup may be okay. However, remember that in ranked games this will not work, and if you are left with the role of a sapport - take it and try to be useful to the team.

Once you have chosen a role and started the game, you will be given tips - there is no long preparations, almost immediately after the start of the game creeps go into battle. So quickly buy (you can do it while moving) and run into battle - the fight here begins almost immediately, be prepared for ambushes in the bushes. Setup for the first 5 minutes of the game as simple as possible - do not die, farm, try to attack the enemy. If the opponent plays aggressively, try to respond with punches. By the way, the mechanics of combat is that if you're standing in one place, you will attack the nearest target. As soon as you move, the hero stops attacking, so you can practice "step-shooting" tactics, and it is better to move back, to break the distance and not to get unnecessary blows from the enemy.

Mid-game (mid-game) should be even more dynamic - try to fluff lines, collect cor items and ambush them. It would be nice if your forester takes the turtle, be sure to help him in this case, or ask for help to kill it. In the leyte try not to die, do your role (initiate or do damage) and do not run alone. These are basically the main points to pay attention to.

The best characters in the game do not exist - tir-lists change almost every month because of the constant buffs and nerve heroes. But here here For example, you can see the current draw list right now. Or take a look at the characters that are picked by professional players, and there are plenty of tournaments in the game, and information about past games can be viewed directly in the game client.

The (visible) disadvantages of the game are only 2. First - poor connection, largely due to the fact that all the traffic passes through the Chinese servers, which in the evenings are not very well cope with the load. Second - weak players, sometimes it seems that some bots rather than real people are playing against you. However, in ranked games the level is much more noticeable and higher - you will have to sweat there. Otherwise, it's a great full-fledged mobile cyber sports discipline that former or current League of Legends players will love.
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