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Mobile Legends: Guide to Kagura - the girl with the umbrella

A deadly girl with an umbrella in all weathers

We continue to write guides on the current meter in the game Mobile Legends. Kagura is one of the most interesting and difficult characters in the game, although for those who figure it out, it's no longer difficult. I've played about 100 games as her and I'm playing her pretty well now. Let's get started. In this guide I'll tell you everything I know about this character, burn tricks, combos, and other tips.

By the way, the Guide to Harley, Cloud and a review of the season 12 metha Mobile Legends.

Playing as Kagura is leisurely and unhurried. On the one hand. On the other hand, as soon as you have to do a combo, it's almost lightning-quick and does total damage. Judge for yourself what it takes to make a perfect combo.

Mobile Legends: Guide to Kagura, the girl with the umbrella

A perfect fight for Kagura

  1. Throwing an umbrella into a crowd of enemies - skill 1
  2. Spanning the Ultima - Skill 3
  3. Wait (or not, as the case may be) when the umbrella pulls the enemies into a point and jump to the place where the umbrella is skill 2
  4. Press the ulta (the one with the umbrella) - skill 3
  5. Jump to a safe distance - skill 2
  6. Finish off surviving enemies - skill 1 (the umbrella was left in place). Sometimes point 5 can be neglected, if the skirmish is won and you need to finish off the fleeing enemy, then throw the umbrella in pursuit. It makes no sense to do this through skill 2, because the umbrella, as the main damaging skill will remain on the point from where you made the jump.

This is one option, the other with a different order of ultras.

  1. We throw the umbrella into the crowd.
  2. We jump to the umbrella.
  3. We press down on the ult.
  4. Bounce back.
  5. Press the ult again.

Sign here.

It looks a bit complicated, but in fact, with some skill - everything is quite easy to get through. Be sure to practice a couple of games with the computer, do not spoil the game for yourself and for people, yes in Searches. The main skill that does damage is our ult (the third ability). First without the umbrella, and then when we jump to the umbrella or vice versa. This all looks especially great in the leyte and with a good team. Kagura, unfortunately, is pretty team-dependent. And she really needs a tank that will pull enemies into her. But okay, let's figure out the abilities and the build.

Kagura's Abilities (Skills)

Passive Ability - Yin-Yang Gathering

When Kagura picks up the umbrella, she gets protection in the form of a shield that can not only absorb damage for a while, but also stun an enemy nearby for 0.5 sec and slow for 60%. The effect is activated once every 4.5 seconds.

Active Abilities

Skill 1: Unfolding the umbrella of Seimei

Kagura throws an umbrella in the indicated direction. The umbrella does damage + slows the enemy for 60: 1 sec.

Skill 2: Hurriedly flying away umbrella

Kagura moves in the specified direction, leaving the umbrella in its place. If you press the skill a second time (when it's purple) Kagura will move back to the umbrella and deal damage + passive damage (remember: it's a 0.5 second stan + shield)

Skill 3: Yin-Yang Flip

(purple) Kagura deals damage to enemies surrounding the umbrella and creates a bond with them (visible threads). If enemies don't reset the tether after 3 seconds, they will be drawn to the umbrella (this is where you should fly in through skill 2 and again through skill 3)

Skill 3 (blue) when Kagura with umbrella. Deals damage to enemies, pushes them away and gains a shield.

It looks a little complicated, but it's elementary, you just need a little practice.

Build and equipment

I still believe that it's not the build, but the hands that rule.

Here's a build that I like and that does super damage. I build in this sequence:

  1. The knife is a killer of Beasts to cleanse the woods.
  2. Demon shoe on Regen mana.
  3. Next, be sure to have the Staff of Lightning.
  4. And then it is in any order, but I collect, as in the screenshot.
  5. Concentrated energy.
  6. Disaster Scythe.
  7. Blazing rod
  8. Bloody Wings
  9. Don't forget to sell the forest knife before the last purchase.

Mobile Legends: Guide to Kagura - the girl with the umbrella

These builds are just in case someone wants to experiment. They also proved to be quite good, but I like the one above better.

Mobile Legends: Guide to Kagura - the girl with the umbrella

How to properly play as Kagura

As I said before, playing as Kagura is very leisurely and measured. And she opens up in the leyte when she collects at least a couple of decent pieces: a wand and a scythe. Your main task is to poke the enemy with the umbrella from the rear. It has a pretty good range. But let's take it one step at a time.

  1. Playing more in the rear, as a gray cardinal) Perhaps - this is one of the best damaguer of the second echelon, because no one expects it to have special damage, but it can.
  2. Don't forget to use the passive - when we pick up an umbrella, we get a momentary shield. Very simple example - when picking up a creep in the forest, use the passive - from time to time pick up an umbrella to get a shield and not to lose health.
  3. It is better to play in pair with any control or tank.
  4. The Ulta does quite a lot of damage, so you can finish off enemies with it. If it didn't work, immediately jump through skill 2 and use the Ulta again. If the enemy survived, run away with skill 2.
  5. Of the additional abilities usually take "finishing", faster to clear the forest. It is important to be 1-2 levels higher than the enemies + quicker to get the Wand.
  6. If caught in a lockdown and already all the skills to escape used - an easy target. Auto-attacks will not save you.
  7. The umbrella flies over obstacles, but there are some corners where it gets stuck. Also, Kagura herself, through her second skill, flies perfectly over objects.
  8. IMPORTANT: The umbrella should not be "shot" at the enemy, but behind the enemy, so that the umbrella flies over him, and maybe touches and damages someone else. Proper umbrella play is usually on preemptive action. That is, you need to look behind the target and point the umbrella at the enemy's trajectory, not where he is at the moment of throwing.
  9. The umbrella is a great way to check the bushes.
  10. In general, the game for Kagura is very fluid.
  11. When the distance with the thrown umbrella becomes too much, the umbrella automatically returns to Kagura's hands.
  12. During the clash stay away and use 1 skill. Once the enemies have piled up a bit, you can use the stun, and then jump in and finish off the survivors.
  13. In the last video in this guide are sure to look tips. I do not see the point in rewriting them here, in the video they are more clearly understandable visually. Take a look, it's clever.

Zverko's Guide to Kagura

Unfortunately, more good guides I have not found, so if you have a better - write in the comments, I'll add.

I found this English-language one.

Really explanatory. Even for those who are not very in the subject, you can sit with a dictionary, because it is without a verbal explanation. The video says it all in a nutshell, and the video makes it all clear. Enjoy!


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