"Cute" games in the Apple Store with animals

"Cute" apps featuring kittens and puppies

Do you love puppies and kitties? Then these cute apps are for you.

Pay attention to your child without letting your smartphone out of your hands, Is it possible? Sure it is! You only need to have at least a couple or three entertaining applications. Together you can laugh, get involved in one game, and unobtrusively learn. Children love animals, especially if they are very cute and funny.

My Talking Pet

Download My Talking Pet from the AppStore

"Cute" apps featuring kittens and puppies

A fun application designed for interesting leisure activities. The main idea is to raise the spirits of those around you. The animation created in this program can be sent to friends by mail or messenger, posted on social networks, or left in a personal archive and used in moments of sadness. To use the application, you need to take a portrait photo of your pet with clearly visible eyes, nose and mouth. The special tools that appear in the area of the photo must be dragged directly to the eyes and mouth area, they will subsequently bring them into motion. After that, it is necessary to record an audio soundtrack. As a result, the pet is a digital assistant who can even be assigned to congratulate relatives. Talking animals are a win-win option to have fun with your relatives.

Little Kitten App

Download Little Kitten App from the AppStore

"Cute" apps featuring kittens and puppies

A superrealistic kitten, the main character of the app, enters the house and begins his interesting life there. You can interact with him almost as if he were alive. A cozy house with an interesting interior and a fluffy kitty draws both children and adults into the game.

In the app, you can play hide-and-seek with a kitten, which develops attention. Putting together a puzzle animal is an activity that will make the child laugh, because the result is very funny. The pet can be fed dry food in the form of fish. Creativity is also not alien to him. He invites the little user to draw and paint a picture with the brightest colors.

Where would there be no fooling around! The kitten is a mischievous funny guy, he rides a toy ambulance, jumps and somersaults on the bed. This app is a great way for a child and an adult to relax after a hard day.

Unicorn Glitterluck by HABA

Download Unicorn Glitterluck from the AppStore

"Cute" apps featuring kittens and puppies

A wonderful educational 3D game for kids. The user can create his own unicorn using a variety of color palettes, stickers and other accessories. Together with their hero, the kid will go on a fascinating journey through 4 magical worlds. The unicorn collects crystals along the way, flying through the starry sky, rolling down a rainbow, and walking through a magical forest. During this walk, the child will be able to learn the counting from 1 to 20 in a playful way. An interesting and unexpected feature for such a seemingly simple application is the availability of switching between 14 languages. The design of the application is simply mesmerizing - truly girlish gentle colors, elaborate details.

After using these apps, the level of "mimicry" will increase many times over, which means that the mood will improve, and the day can not be overshadowed by anything.

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