Mass Effect Infiltrator: To play or not to play

Mass Effect Infiltrator tells the story of Agent Randall Ezno, who, upon learning of the nefarious experiments being conducted at Cerberus' base, takes it upon himself to stop the company.Infiltrator - is a linear action game, so don't expect extensive dialogue, galactic exploration, an experience gaining system and other elements of the Mass Effect series. This is a pure nine-chapter shooter that lasts about six hours.At the end of each skirmish, the player receives points based on how much health was lost, how spectacular the kills were, and how much time elapsed. Earning a three-star rating increases the player's replayability and earns money, for which he can obtain and upgrade weapons and vitality.mei1_1331674613Liked whether us?Storyline Mass Effect Infiltrator is not as impressive as the visuals. The controls function normally when the enemy is at a distance, thanks to the game's clever "tap to target" system. To aim at an enemy, the player simply taps the enemy when he is in the line of fire. This allows the player to aim at the enemy and shoot.All other player interactions with Infiltrator are often frustrating. Walking Ezno around maps without combat looks clumsy and silly. In theory, players can switch modes with "swipe" gestures, but these gestures often don't work. In addition, it is extremely difficult to fight with a close opponent - fights at a close distance are too clumsy.In general, except for visual effects, the game does not particularly stand out. All enemies and fights look the same. Players can find and accumulate life force, but they lack identifiers. The writing and voice acting are not too bad, but also suffer from excessive playfulness.mei2_1331674627Whether to install?Infiltrator - is a shooter with uneven turn-based progression. The later levels contain quite a few great moments. In a normal firefight the player can shoot someone from a distance, then quickly switch to a gun to send a nearby enemy to the other side, then quickly run for cover, and so on. Unfortunately, most of the fights in the game are not that dynamic. Typically players hide in cover, eliminating enemies one at a time. Plot Mass Effect Infiltrator is simply not interesting or varied.In App Store there are better shooters, but there are worse ones. Mass Effect fans or iOS players will be happy with the walkthrough, but most players are likely to buy a better alternative.VerdictPlot and Mechanics Mass Effect Infiltrator do not match the promising visuals. Although players who agree to cope with some of the control flaws will find much to enjoy in this six-hour shooter.

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