Best apps 2016

Here are the best apps or games for iOS and Android used or played by the project's editorial staff Apps4Life. I would call it the Best of the Best of Apps by Apps4Life. The list may vary, depending on the preferences of the authors of the project or contain several items. We did not make special distinctions between paid and free programs intentionally, freebies are evil. You have to pay for quality.


Best Task Manager

  • Simple handy task manager - [mks_button size="small" title="Wunderlist" url="https://apps4.life/wunderlist-kak-polzovatsya/" target="_self" bg_color="#82b965″ txt_color="#FFFFFF"] (free)
  • To manage multiple projects, collaborative work, GTD - Todoist (free with limited functionality)

The best note-taking app

  • [mks_button size="small" title="Keep" url="https://apps4.life/google-keep-luchshee-prilozhenie-dlya-zametok-i-napominanij/" target="_self" bg_color="#82b965″ txt_color="#FFFFFF"] (free) - Google has gradually taken the lead on this, cross-platform, easy, convenient.

The best app for managing finances

  • Money Flow (free, for $2.99 imports and other little things) - it was important to record not only expenses, but also income for different projects.
  • If you're looking for an exceptionally functional user-friendly cost accounting, I recommend [mks_button size="small" title="Next" url="https://apps4.life/obnovlenie-next-samyj-prostoj-finansovyj-pomoshhnik/" target="_self" bg_color="#82b965″ txt_color="#FFFFFF"] ($4.99).

Mail Client

  • Gmail - At first the standard one from iOS prevailed, but the convenience of Gmail took over. Convenient, fast, and understandable.


Best app for running

  • Endomondo (the free version is sufficient)


  • The leader of our hit-parade is the app - music.ex.ua (free, but it's not in the AppStore anymore).
  • Gym Radio (free, seriously thinking about buying a monthly subscription) is this year's discovery, the songs are broken down not by genre, but by the type of sport/event/motivation you want. Plus three channels non-stop.


  • [mks_button size="small" title="Shop Heroes" url="https://apps4.life/shop-heroes-sovety-kak-igrat-rekomendacii-xitrosti/" target="_self" bg_color="#82b965″ txt_color="#FFFFFF"] (free, donation not asking much) - it is addictive. The main plus - a mix of genres and lack of need to be constantly online.


Cleaning the system (Cleaner)

  • I may not like my advice, but buy a phone with more memory. I've had a lot of experience using a phone with little memory, and have tried many different utilities that free the system from junk. It's not the same. More nerve wasting than megabytes being freed up. That's why 128GB is our everything.