The best notebooks for iPad

The best notebooks for iPad

If you like different kinds of notes, you will be interested to know about the best notebooks for iPad

If you like all kinds of notes, you'll be interested to know about the best notebooks for iPad.iPad - is an effective tool that, among other things, includes the ability to take notes. The only thing you have to decide, like exactly you want to make them. If you need simple notes, simple word processing applications are fine. If you are a student and you need to take notes from lectures and write down complex formulas, you will probably want to use something more advanced. Follow our list, and hopefully it will help you decide on the best app for iPadwhich will satisfy all your requirements.


For total и everywhereEvernote ipadEvernote - is a free app available for all platforms that syncs across all of your devices. With support for text notifications, lists, reminders, annotations, and more, Evernote can be called a real Swiss knife among notebook applications for iPad.Free download with an App Store subscription

2. Vesper

For elegant work and taggingVesperVesper supports texts and images, and can synchronize notifications between iPhone и iPad. Organization is done with the help of tags. Menu Vesper is very clear and beautiful. It may not have the options that other clients have, but if you don't need them in your daily life, you will probably like the elegant minimalism Vesper.Download from the App Store for $7.99

3. Notability

For studentsNotabilityNotability allows you to draw, paint, write, and print notes. You can record audio files as well as upload photos and PDF files. All you do is sync them between your iPhone, iPad и Mac. У Notability - unlimited possibilities that make the app a great tool for students and creatives.Download from the App Store for $2.99

Drafts 4.

For admirers texts Drafts 4 allows you to write texts wherever you are and wherever inspiration strikes, then forward those texts to any other application - from social networks to word processors to calendars - with just a couple of taps. The app is great for storing information.Download from the App Store for $9.99

5. Noteshelf

For active peopleNoteshelfNoteshelf allows you to make typed entries and notes manually. You can also annotate PDFs, fill out forms, and more. В Noteshelf there is a huge collection of pens, pencils, and paper. If you've always wanted a shelf full of notebooks, only in digital form, then you've always wanted Noteshelf.Download from the App Store for $5.99

6. OneNote

For users MicrosoftOneNoteIf you already use Office 365 or are otherwise tied to the products Microsoftappendix OneNote works with absolutely everything you use. OneNote supports texts, images and notes, offering good password protection and powerful search options. If you use Microsoft - use OneNote.Download from the App Store for freeDownload from the App Store for free (for iPhone)

7. Simplenote

For super-Quick searchSimplenoteSimplenote supports basic text notifications with synchronization. You grow your collection by organizing yourself with tags and pins. Search through Simplenote is amazingly fast and efficient, and if text notifications are all you need, then Simplenote can do it better than anyone else.Download from the App Store for free

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