Love you to bits - an unusual adventure game

Love you to bits - an unusual adventure game

Relatively recently in the Apps Store appeared a new game-travel with many puzzles and puzzles - Love you to bits, which features a simple interface, simple tasks, and fascinating puzzles. "I Love Every Bit of You" is a sci-fi toy with a point-and-click interface that makes it easy to control the characters. It's free today, free until the middle of next week.

The essence of the game is to help Cosmo, an explorer of the universe, who is searching for his beloved Nova. The task becomes more difficult when the robot girl falls apart and scatters into space, and Cosmo needs to collect every element of her to restore her love. So the protagonist will have to defeat the aliens, find new objects and planets, unlock levels, and learn about Cosmo and Nova's history.

Love you to bits - an unusual adventure game

4 arguments to download the game Love you to bits

If you want to have a fun time, admire the cute interface and take part in the restoration of the relationship between lovers, it is worth downloading Love you to bits. In addition, the toy offers you:

  • Exploring new planets and completing puzzles on each level, meeting bizarre creatures;
  • visual effects, sound accompaniment, and a real love affair with special effects;
  • an opportunity to assemble a collection of souvenirs timed to the love of Cosmo and Nova;
  • Constant updates and new levels without additional in-app purchases;

The game can only be downloaded by For iPhone, iPad, for Android and Win will be released a little later.

Love you to bits tips

To make the game fun and faster, you should use a couple of simple tricks. So it's important to collect every element along the way, solve puzzles, and activate switches. Next, keep an eye on each piece, which eventually leads to a part of Nova. Peek into every corner of the universe to discover new planets, get souvenirs, and understand the robots' love story.

Most levels take place on a small planet, in interaction with funny creatures. As for gameplay, the player only has to move objects in the right direction and thus move to new levels. But the difficulty is that some items are behind the back of a big slug, and then you have to figure out how to get around it.

Despite the simplicity of tasks, a small number of levels, the game will appeal to all those who love arcade and love stories. And funny music and great interface will be remembered for a long time!

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