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Loop Taxi: an arcade cab driver simulator

Loop Taxi - simple and charming time-killer - arcade game simulator cab driver, appeared in the App Store recently, but has already been downloaded a huge number of times.

Loop Taxi - A simple and charming time-killer - an arcade game simulator of a cab driver, appeared in the App Store recently, but has already been downloaded a huge number of driver simulatorYour task is to pick up a passenger and transport him to the specified place, moving along the roads filled with other vehicles. For a successfully completed task you will be paid like a real cab driver simulatorWith the money you earn, you can buy new cars, change the location in which you are engaged in transportation. As with the real cab driver, on your way will come across a large number of difficult traffic situations, the danger of getting into an accident, the probability of being evacuated while waiting for a client and so on. The game is made in a very simple graphic style, but it has a pleasant and unhurried gameplay.

Easy game and endless gameplay in the cab driver simulator - Loop Taxi:

  • 25 different cars: cab, sports car, jeep, truck, and more
  • 3 unique environments: city, countryside, military base
  • Prize wheels and daily prizes
  • Online leaderboard and achievements

Pick up passengers, drive quickly and accurately in the flow of traffic, and drop off passengers at the next bus stop. The more passengers you carry, the more gold you earn! If you collect enough gold, you can buy a whole bus, with it you will be able to transport 10 people at once and earn times more.Try different cars with different speed and power, collect game bonuses and try to transport the maximum number of passengers.Consider the situation and the rules of the road, stay away from other vehicles and try not to get into an accident.Make sure you do not get a tow truck, while standing in traffic!cab driver simulatorLoop Taxi is free to download, there are payments inside - but only for those who want to see themselves in the top, without putting much effort into it.Download from the App Store

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