Lifeline: the best text quest for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

Lifeline by 3 Minute Games debuted on the App Store last April. It's a fully text-based quest, and you won't find it boring.\r\n

Lifeline by 3 Minute Games debuted on the App Store last April.It's a completely text-based quest, but you won't find it boring. The game is addictive, it's as if you're actually communicating with someone and you feel like you're actually saving someone's life.lifeAnd you have to rescue astronaut Taylor, who is the main character of the game. His ship crashed on one of the satellites of Venus, and he is the only one left alive.You have to communicate with Taylor, make your own decisions and choices to help him navigate through the storyline. The plot can develop in many directions and depends on your decisions.The game has a wonderful soundtrack, the dialogues are permeated with subtle humor, and the quest itself is made at the highest level. The illusion of choice makes the game very interesting.And by no means treat your choice carelessly - you can kill Taylor!life2In this game, everything happens in real time. Throughout the day, the player receives notifications and makes decisions for Taylor, who in turn will show you how much progress you have made and how you are progressing. Some people may be annoyed by the wait--Taylor may be busy with something, may be resting, sleeping, and the player must wait until his space mate is ready to contact again. Lifeline is one of the first games supported on the Apple Watch. You can communicate with Taylor even from the watch. The app uses interactive notifications as well - make your selections simply from the lock screen. Messaging with an astronaut right from your Apple Watch is like using a futuristic transmitter whose signals fly far into spaceDesktopWe can responsibly say that this story will not leave you indifferent and you will always be thinking about the fate of his hero.Download from the App Store

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