Legend of Solgard is a cool three-in-a-row variation. Guide and tips

Legend of Solgard is a cool variation of the three-in-a-row game. Guide and tips

Legend of Solgard - Released in late summer 2018, Legend of Solgard has already become quite a popular game. "Three in a row" is a pretty common mechanic where you have to collect three things in a row to trigger a trigger. It's the same story here, but how beautifully and elegantly it's all implemented. Firstly, the story - the events unfold in Scandinavia, where you have to play as a fragile girl Embla, who gathers different creatures for another fight against evil. Secondly, the very implementation of the three-in-a-row scheme, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's deal with everything in order, how to play, how to pass, pout and some tips and secrets, all this is a guide for the game Legend of Solgard.

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Legend of Solgard is a cool three-in-a-row variation. Guide and tips

Legend of Solgard game guide

To begin with, we are helped by the game itself, which has an excellent internal guide. It will tell us about the basic mechanisms of the game, such as:

  • three in a row vertically - create a new level creature with all the claimed characteristics.
  • three in a row horizontally - creates a barrier with a thickness of 3 points. For each additional barrier, 2 points are awarded.
  • square (2 in a row and 2 vertically) - creates a creature of higher order than 3 vertically.
  • doubletap essentially - takes him off the board.

There are 6 types of creatures in the game: Warrior, Beast, Little Folk, Serpent, Beastie, and Spirit. There are also 3 colors. What principle they use is not very clear, except that each creature has a certain color and has properties: normal, rare or epic. Clearly, epic creatures are the coolest. But shards are less likely to fall on them, legitimately. At the very beginning of the game we are given 4 creatures:

  • Savage (normal) - support, increases the strength of the creatures around him. So far I have it in my pack.
  • Alv - just as common, but it flew out on me because it fell out Ringbearer (he's epic) - pretty tough. Plays defender, lots of health, pause before attacking, but lots of attack.
  • Seeker - rare, also still playing and not bad. Also need a break for the attack, also a defender. Stone Troll won the competition from Sekironosets, that's what epic means. A really cool hero. I recommend it.
  • Night Lightning - A regular stormtrooper, i.e. attacker. Replaced it with a Lord of the Ravens - rare, I like it better so far.

Ringbearer (he's epic) is pretty tough. Plays defender, lots of health, pause before attacking, but lots of attack.

As you have already understood, for each battle you need to choose from all creatures of one color only 4. By collecting creatures of one color you attack or defend.

In general - this is the minimum you need to know about the game Legend of Solgard.

Each creature has two properties, which develop over the course of the game. And here the important currency is the "dust", which you will collect in battles. It's important that the dust is different colors, which means that you'll need to collect it for each color separately. Also, the main currency in the game is gold, and it is necessary to pay for all creature improvements. And it's very little at first. Don't worry, there will be special quests that will bring you only gold - it will open after 6 levels of Elba.

is the minimum you need to know about the game Legend of Solgard.

After level 7 opens access to the guilds. Honestly, it's nothing fancy. Just appears a joint boss, from which also falls chest, from which there is an opportunity to get epic shards of creatures, dust and gold.

When a creature is collected, shards continue to be collected. You can use them to improve the creature. By improving the three types of enhancements, the creature can be upgraded to a higher level - it becomes stronger, with more characteristics.

There is a separate Idol bookmark. But either I haven't gotten to this part of the game yet, or they haven't included it, I can't tell you anything about it.

In total, there are already about 30 creatures in the game. That's quite a lot. But the game, I will say, is not fast. It's been a week, I passed 52 levels on the map and myself only 7 levels. This is quite a little, as far as I can see, really, and I play 15-20 minutes a day involuntarily.

Example of video gameplay - completing level 52

Donate or do I have to buy anything in the game for money

Absolutely. If you want to accelerate. But it's not going to give you a big advantage. Unless you want to play it 24 hours a day, then you just don't have the energy that builds up over time. But it's good enough for a measured game.

That's why I don't see much point in donating to the Legend of Solgard game yet. Perhaps something will change. I'll write more about it.

Lastly, let's go over the tips, this is my experience that I got in the game. Perhaps someone else found something else.

Legend of Solgard Tips

  1. A unique composition of creatures must and can be used for each task.
  2. Quite often, when there are already two in a row, a third is added when new creatures are summoned. Not always, but quite often. This can and should be used.
  3. As the level in the Campaign, the time to pass each level increases - it becomes like a game of chess). In the sense that each level needs a different approach and creatures.
  4. In the arena it is enough to play 2 times for the dailies to count, not wins.
  5. Creatures need to be developed bit by bit. It is clear that you will have your own backbone, but sometimes a particular hero will be needed. For example, level 72 or close to it could not pass the main lineup. I was being taken out by the enemy's first line. Put the Mole (Mudcrawler), which is in danger of holding the entire first line + can take more Night Lightning and all, with the first time passed.
  6. I noticed that improved creatures made up of 4 cells are much stronger than those made up of three. So watch carefully, the creatures are more hellish. Actually, that's the strategy I'm following.
  7. You do not need to buy anything for gold in the internal store. Gold will not be enough to develop creatures. Do not drain on shards, they will be enough to drop in all sorts of battles.
  8. Pay attention to what needs to be done in the assignment. They really are different. For example, if it is an arena, it is all clear, to kill the foe. And if it is to collect treasure, then you need to create an association of creatures in front of the cans with treasure. Exactly the same is the case with the set of creatures, which is taken on a particular task. I'll write about this in the next article, I'll tell you about the creatures. They are really quite interesting and varied.

Daily assignments (dailies) in the game

  1. Open 2 free chests. I recommend picking them up like a knife more during the day.
  2. Fight a battle for treasure. The pause between battles is 4 hours. One time is enough to make the action count.
  3. After 6 levels will open a special dungeon, where you can earn gold. To do this, you have to catch especially dangerous criminals. Worthy of one victory.
  4. Win 5 times, does not count wins for the treasure or the outlaw, or even in guild battles. But they do count when you do random quests. I usually try to do at least one story quest, that's if there's time. If there isn't, I get through level 5 pretty quickly (literally 1 minute per playthrough) and get the bonus I want.
  5. Random quests - from time to time different dungeons will appear on the map: epic, certain creatures, gold and so on. There's a pretty good reward there. Look for it on the Play tab under "Special Events".
  6. Win the arena - 2 times. The translation is not correct. You have to play at least 2 games in the arena. That's easy. You can even win.

How do I change my name in Legend of Solgard?

At some point the game prompts me to enter a unique name and choose an avatar. I chose, but for some reason, the name either did not change, or the game crashed and did not change. Then I looked all over the game looking for where to change. Found it. But not immediately. In general, you need to join the guild, you can in our - Apps4Life (welcome), then go to the guild and go to the "Information" tab, find yourself in the list, click, and on this screen you can change everything. Click on the "pencil" opposite the current name. There is also information that the name can only be changed from level 8, although according to my data from the sixth. Check it and tell me.

Don't thank me, join the guild.

That's all for now. Share this article with your friends, leave your comments, good luck!

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