Quarterly iPhone sales: fantastic numbers

Nine iPhones are sold every second in the world

Nine phones are sold every second in the world iPhone.In just one quarter, more than 37,000 tons of phones were sold worldwide iPhonewhich equals about 750 modern battle tanks. Apple released its quarterly report, which indicated that net income was $18 billion on revenues of $74.6 billion. And most of that came from the sale of a single product, the devices iPhone.Apple sold 74,468,000 phones in the three months that ended December 27, 2014. This is a colossal number, which is even hard to imagine. However, that's not all the numbers. That number is. iPhone was sold in 91 days, that is, 818,329 units per day, or 34,097 every two hours, or 568 every minute.That means that more than nine units were sold per second, and so every day of that period. And each of these phones was sold at an average price of $687.If you consider that each box of phones iPhone weighs 500 grams, the total weight of the devices sold is 37,000 tons.You must agree that this is really not a small number, especially when you consider the tight deadline.

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