When do I need a gamepad for my phone and how to connect it properly?

Mobile games are the most popular category of apps for smartphone users. The wide range of games on Google Play and the App Store shows that developers are increasingly interested in this area. The major game companies have been in this market for a long time. They are driving the development of mobile games to their older brethren with sophisticated graphics, interesting storylines and thoughtful gameplay. In games of this type, it is very inconvenient to use the touch buttons on the smartphone screen. In order to play more convenient, a special gamepad for your phone.

When do I need a gamepad for my phone and how to connect it properly?

What is a gamepad?

A gamepad for your smartphone is a special device designed to increase the performance of your mobile device while playing games. Its presence makes it easier to play with your phone when using the touch keys.

This device supports a variety of games. The corresponding function buttons help you have full control over the game. Accessories are usually wireless and have a power source that does not depend on the battery, and a special indicator light indicates that it needs to be charged. Maintenance is very easy, just wipe the device regularly with a detergent.

How do I connect my gamepad to my mobile gadget?

If a fancy new game with impressive features, special effects, and location is uncomfortable when working with a touch screen, consider buying a console manipulator. But when working with gamepads, users have a lot of questions. The main one is how to connect the joystick to your Android or Apple phone/tablet. There are a total of two methods of connection.

  • Wired. The old and proven way. To do this, your smartphone or tablet must support OTG technology, and the console must have a USB connection.
  • The wireless option. The choice of those who follow progress. Bluetooth, which is available on every Android, will help you connect. In fact, your smartphone or tablet requires you to get root rights. The action is not difficult, but it will automatically remove your phone's factory warranty. If the warranty has expired, feel free to give it a try.


Typically, gamepads sold in stores fall into three categories:

  • special devices for Android smartphones;
  • console gamepad - PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch;
  • computer controller

Each type has its own nuances. In particular, the easiest way is to use a device that was originally designed to be used with a smartphone or tablet. The accessory has a stand, so mobile gadgets will always be in front of you. If you are using the joystick for a computer or console, you will need to place your smartphone on your lap or make your own clip.

Depending on the design, gamepads for smartphones and tablets are divided into two types:

  • Full-featured. They all have built-in controls, including analog panels-removable joystick buttons. They usually have an internal battery that can be charged between gaming sessions and connect devices wirelessly. In this type of controller, the smartphone or tablet holder may have different settings, but in any case the tool is fixed in a horizontal position.
  • With smartphone fixation on both sides. This is the analog version. With it, you don't have to worry about your smartphone falling out of the clamp during a long, passionate game.

Many gamers are used to the special format of the console gamepad and choose from mobile accessories something similar - classic or fixed on both sides. There are no restrictions on functionality in both cases.

When do I need a gamepad for my phone and how to connect it properly?

A gamepad is a kind of customizable remote control. Tablets and cell phones are getting more powerful every year, and their RAM is now sufficient for games with 3D graphics, incredible color palettes, and special effects. But not all popular mobile games can be played on a touchscreen. If you like action or fighting games, you can't do without a functional joystick.

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