Katerina Shevchenko, what's in your iPhoneKaterina Shevchenko, what's in your iPhone

Katerina Shevchenko, what's in your iPhone?

Friends, we are starting a new column, "Experience of use". As part of this column, we will be asking people, entrepreneurs, creatives, and other equally wonderful individuals what Apps and how exactly they have changed their lives, how they are helping them and making their lives better.Ekateryns_Shevchenko@pinklove.meToday we have our first guest. Katerina Shevchenko, entrepreneur, founder @pinklove.meI want to show you 3 applications that have changed my life.


loginI first downloaded this app three years ago. I needed a convenient/useful organizer very urgently (as women do, urgently). I downloaded seven apps at once and started using them. Of those seven, only one remained. Wunderlist - I'll explain why. I use it both for work and for personal purposes. Since my work is very closely intertwined with my personal goals, I use the app very often - 24/7.For work:Starting a project:Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 12.34.04 PMAdding project participants:Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 12.34.04 PMSetting Objectives:Adding a task to WunderlistInside each task there is a field for comments, chat, setting deadlines, and the ability to attach a work file to a specific task.On the attach file I broke down and fell in love with this app. Who knows, he will understand what it means to look for the right file in 36 sources with different names. Because all the creative people here, everyone needs to name the file in their own way.task details in WunderlistFor personal purposes:I use it in everything where lists are needed. Especially if these lists are not just about me. With my lover we can make a list of sex positions. Or a list of things to take on a trip. Lists can be edited by both participants - it's very convenient. Or a list of books 2Read or movies 2Watchtask details in WunderlistTo recap. Despite the fact that my phone is always with me, I often use this application in web or desktop version. By the way, it is multiplatform - i.e., always with me.Download Wunderlist for any platform.

One Day

UnknownIn my childhood, adolescence and youth I did not write diaries. Or rather, I tried to succumb to fashion, but after my mother found it, the desire for the epistolary genre in me suddenly disappeared until the age of 30. Now that I am an adult and I can do anything, I started a diary with a password to enter it :) But that is not its main advantage. I downloaded it, too, about three years ago. For a long time it was sitting idle, and I was very surprised, what interest is there - to describe your day? Until I decided to go to the gym and tried a personal motivational program to create my dream body. Since I have no exhibitionist tendencies, and I need to track the dynamics of my body transformation somewhere, I realized that One Day And hashtags are perfect for me. Besides the fact that I just love them, just as a phenomenon, they are also useful for finding publications.photoAnd today I also keep it as a diary of the day's reports. Every day I keep track of how productive/helpful/pleasant my day was. It's interesting and helpful to read over time and realize that what I thought, dreamed, and thanked about then is already coming true now.Download Day One on the App Store.


5050525I don't consider myself a great photographer. I sold/shared/beat all the huge, heavy lenses a long time ago, but I still have the habit of taking pictures. Sometimes you can catch such a moment, such an emotion on your phone, and you want to add volume and the right filter. That's what a good VSCOcamHow is it different from other editors? The quality and the set of filters. There are soooo many of them. Built-in 10 filters, the rest must be downloaded for 0.99$.Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset   Processed with VSCOcam with x1 presetDownload : App Store  Google Play

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