How to reset the iPhone to the original factory settings

How to reset the iPhone to the original factory settings

You only need to reset your iPhone to factory settings in two cases. First - you want to sell the iPhone and then the new owner needs a completely clean iPhone, as if it just came from the Apple factory, without all the settings, applications and games - with the default factory settings. Second - something went wrong and your phone started to glitch violently, slow down and behave incorrectly. Neither rebooting, nor hard-cutting helps him. Then the only true solution is to reset it to the original factory settings.

And the factory reset will work for any (not the oldest) iPhone: iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and finally for the iPhone X.

How to reset iPhone to factory settings

I bring you an example of resetting an iPhone on version iOS 11. Other versions of iOS work the same way, but maybe the names of menu items or buttons will be changed, the essence remains the same. The most important thing is to make a backup of your iPhone. You can do this via iTunes or via iCloud. You can store backup files on your computer or in the cloud. I like it better in the cloud, but it is up to you. The second, equally important note - the battery charge must be at least 75%, I specify with a margin, and it is desirable to connect it to the charger at all. That seems to be all.

Resetting factory settings

  1. Settings menu,
  2. Go to "Main" and scroll to the bottom.
    How to reset iPhone to factory settings
  3. Go to "Settings".
    How to reset the iPhone to the original factory settings

Let's go over each point.

  • Reset all settings
    In this case, all settings will be reset to factory defaults, but information will not be affected. Photos, notes, mail, sms, contacts and other information will not be deleted. Only the settings will be updated. Let's say it's a soft reset.
  • Erase content and settings
    This is hard. The item works just like "Reset all settings", only in this case, all information from the iPhone will be deleted. All of it. It will be as if you just took it out of the box after buying it in the store.
    After the reset is complete, the iPhone will reboot. It can now be given away or sold. The new owner will have to activate a new Apple ID or log in under the old one and restore all the information from the cloud or a backup (of course, his own, not the one you made).
  • Reset network settings
    This resets all network settings to their default settings. This item should be used when there are problems with the Internet and you can't solve them. This will delete all Wi-Fi points that you have added, reset cellular and other network settings, if you have changed them.
  • Reset keyboard dictionary
    All keyboard dictionaries are reset. Only the English layout remains. Then you can add all other languages again.
  • Reset Home
    The appearance of the Home screen is reset, the order of icons, control panel, iPhone wallpaper and other screen settings will be restored.
  • Reset geo settings
    All geo-positions that have ever been marked in this iPhone are reset.

Select the desired item. Follow the instructions. That's all. Whichever reset you choose, it will happen.

These are the cruelest measures you can take if you have a problem with your phone. Or if you want to sell it or give it as a gift.

If the phone just hangs, does not respond to your fingers on the screen, to pressing any button or the Home button (not applicable to iPhone X), but before you reset all the settings - you need to do a hard reset.

How to hard reset an iPhone

To make a Hard Reset, press and hold for 5 seconds the side power button and the home button. The phone turns off. Switch it on by pressing side power button. That's all, the hard reset is done.

How to hard reset an iPhone

What happens when this happens? The RAM is cleared, temporary files are deleted, the system restarts, and so on. And if the problem was a memory overflow or something like that, then the iPhone will work fine. If hard reset didn't help, then you have to do a factory reset.

Restoring iPhone, iPad, or iPod to factory settings

By the way, there are instructions for restoring factory settings and from Apple.

But that's a bit of a different story. It's important to see the difference between a "reset" and a "restore." And recovery is done by reinstalling iOS on the iPhone via iTunes, but if you're interested, here's link.

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