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Recently took a useful course in which the course was in video and text format. The videos were uploaded to the Vimeo video hosting service and locked from external viewing. All in all, a pretty popular solution. At some point, the course decided to shut down, as well as access to it. This was not good, because they promised to keep the course forever, so I was puzzled to download the video from Vimeo. Found it and am posting it exclusively at No simple and logical way came up to download a private video. I tried so many ways:

  1. Manual download via Save As
  2. Download one of the services that the internet is full of - it doesn't work, it just doesn't find the video.
  3. Find the video in the page code and download it already. The code contains a link to the video, which is not viewable through a link, only through the embedded code on the site.

There's no way. But I found a way, so I'm telling you.

How to download private (closed) video from Vimeo

1. Inspect pages

how to download protected videos from vimeo Open the web page that contains the video you want to download in inspection mode, when you can view CSS styles and more. To do this - right-click next to the video. And select the option as in the screenshot - Inspect. After that you turn on the video for a couple of seconds. This is necessary to update HTML and CSS styles.

2. Go to network and look for the word player

This is a screenshot of the inspection window we called. By default, the Elements tab is active, go to the Network tab and enter the word in the field player. This is how we filter out the file(s) we need if there are multiple videos.

3. refresh the webpage and click on the first entry

After filtering by word. player - just refresh the page. You can do it via F5 or by pressing the "refresh" button in your browser. As a result, we will get a list of such records with numbers. I have 6 of them on the screen - this is the number of videos in one document on the site. If you have 1 video on the page, then there will be 1 record with numbers. And it will be above all of them. Because there will be some other records, we are not interested in them.

4. Save the file as a .txt document.

Keep a record of the numbers and right click on it. And save it in .txt format. The file will download to your computer. Sometimes it is necessary to manually add the .txt extension. The main thing is that then you can open with "Notepad" or other text document viewer. For Windows: For Mac: The saved file will be named something like this: 393999309.txt or 462921153.txt.

5. Copy the .mp4 link

You open the saved downloaded file with any text editor. And look for the entry ".mp4". That's right, without the quotation marks, but with a period-- .mp4 Find several matches at once. If you look closely, there will be links to different resolutions of the video file, we need the largest one, in 720 resolution. See the screenshot for an example: How to download a private video from Vimeo video hosting service Emphasized the different resolutions in the file. We are interested in the highest 720p. The link to download video from vimeo, in the screenshot I also highlighted, the beginning and the end marked with arrows. Note that the link 2 times contains the combination you are looking for .mp4. Copy the entire recording to the buffer, open a new browser window, paste the link and press Enter. The video will open and start playing.

6. Save the vimeo video

All that's left is to save the video. To do this, just right-click on it and select save as. How to download a protected video from Vimeo video hosting service Don't mind the google on the screenshot, that's really how the video starts :). That's it for now. Kids, in this lesson we learned how to download closed captioned videos from Vimeo easily and effortlessly. If it was useful - share with your friends and thank you in the comments). If you have any questions, go there too. I'd be grateful if you click on any ads on the site 🙂 🙂

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