How to download and listen to music from VKontakte: four best apps

How to download music from VKontakte on your phone for free: 6 ways

There are almost no people who do not like to listen to music. Pleasant songs, easy tunes, favorite songs - all this can be downloaded to your phone and listened to in your free time offline. This is convenient, because you don't always have access to the Internet, for example, when you are on the subway or train, but you want to listen to your favorite music. So the question arises: how to find an application to download music from VKontakte? Today let's look at several free and ad-free applications that will help download music from VK.

Six best free ways to download music from VKontakte


Download for free VKMusic

A handy program made in Russia, which was originally designed only for VK. Now it works with YouTube, MailRu, Vimeo, and other sites. The application is designed to download any multimedia files from all Internet resources - that is, you can download clips, videos, not just songs. A handy trick is that you can download tracks not only from your own audio recordings, but also from the audio recordings of your friends and groups. To do this, just enter your request in the search bar and select the resource where you want to find the file. As you type, prompts appear, and you can see information about the track's artist, other songs, albums, and just similar music. On average, it takes a couple of seconds to search, and the result can be up to 1000 files per query. Then you can listen to the music and download the file you want in the created folder. You can start downloading by pressing the "Add to download" button or by double-clicking on the desired track.

The application has two download modes - manual and automatic. You can choose the appropriate one by using the "Download All" and "Pause All" buttons.

All of this can be seen in a detailed video from the author of the program:

The disadvantage of this application is that it is created for Windows and will not be installed on the phone. But in general - very convenient and, most importantly, free application.

Via Telegram - free on the phone

A very simple way to download music, as long as you have Telegram. But it seems that almost everyone has it now. What do you need to do? First, you must set up your recordings so that they are available to all users. After that, go to Telegram, and in the search box, type this bot: Or directly @vk_virus_bot. You run it, it asks you where you want to download music from, you specify it and choose the tracks you want to download. They appear in the correspondence, click on them and download. Even if the bot stops working, the music will still be in your correspondence and you can listen to it offline.

How to download music from VKontakte on your phone for free: 6 ways


Download music from Music VK iOS

This is an app for downloading music from VK for iPhone, which synchronizes your device with your Vkontakte account, allowing you to download it. The feature is a unique player that allows you to select a mode, create folders, sorting, use a 10-band equalizer, download any video or song from the application. A nice bonus is that you can make your own playlist and delete all downloaded songs at once through the app. If there is a downloaded text on the site, it will show up in the search.

Of the minuses - there is advertising, as in most applications, but not particularly intrusive (most often - just a bar at the bottom of the screen, and sometimes bouncing pages). Also, the size of the songs is not visible either before or after downloading the track.

Although the app has been removed from the AppStore, it can be downloaded from some accounts, such as Shared account.

My audio

The application has many sources of audio, for example, from the news feed, not just from your audio recordings. The program has two tabs: Music, where you can see the songs, and Downloads, which allows you to download the desired songs, see and remove unnecessary, rename something. And also, unlike Music VK iOS, you can see the size of the file after downloading.

The disadvantage of the application: again, advertising, although it is less than in the previous application. Well, it is not freely available, you need to install not directly from the AppStore, and from Shared account.

Kiss VK

Go to Kiss VK

A very simple application, in 1-2 seconds you can find the song you want and download it. You can download from a list of your audio, or by searching other resources. You enter the title and the artist into the search bar, select the desired file and download.

BOOM: a player for music

Download for free BOOM: a player for music from the AppStore

How to download and listen to music from VKontakte: four best apps

This is the official music application for downloading songs from VKontakte and Odnoklassniki. You can download from your audio recordings, from groups, search for new music in news feeds and with friends, share your favorite tracks and do many other things. There is also an advanced search where you can specify the genre, music category, etc.

The application is free, you can listen to music without access to the Internet, without advertising. But purchases in the program are paid. For example, a monthly subscription costs 149 rubles/month. It gives you access to all the functionality of the program.

These were the most convenient applications with which you can download music from VKontakte on iPhone. Download your favorite songs and listen to them in good health!


  1. Stopped listening to music from VK, as we have blocked this network, and through a VPN does not always work.

      • There was no VK music yet, and was already there, you shouldn't forget about this portal. And I switched to, and now I listen there all the time.

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