What is the ECI in the weather

How to check the air quality index via iPhone or Apple Watch

Living in Ukraine we do not care much about air pollution, there are more important things to do: make money, spend money, party, work and so on in a circle. And meanwhile, the environment is waving its hand and air pollution is becoming the norm. And for some people it is important. I will tell you how to determine the level of air pollution on the iPhone (the so-called air quality index).

So, once again, the iPhone helps to know the quality of the air (and bad air consists of pollutants, allergens, pollen and can cause health problems). This parameter is called the ECI. What is the IQI (usually seen in the Weather appendix) is the Air Quality Index. The IQI shows daily air quality and ranges from 0 to 500 in all cities around the world, especially million-dollar cities. It may not show up in smaller cities or where there is no air quality information.

Checking the Air Quality Index on your iPhone with the standard Weather app

To begin with, let's look at the simplest way to determine the air pollution index. To do this we will use the standard Weather app. To do this, let's check the settings of the iPhone itself:

  • go to the iPhone Settings,
  • Map settings (all of a sudden!),
  • check the box in the CLIMATE section under Air quality index.

Now run the application Weather.

Select the desired city or region and scroll down with the scroll bar. You get this view.

Checking the Air Quality Index on your iPhone with the standard Weather app

Where for Toronto, the ICV is two, which corresponds to a low level of pollution and has a low level of health hazard. A good result.

In some countries, cities and regions, the pollution indicator bar may not show. For example, there isn't one for Kiev, but we'll fix that. This is strange, because if you install an application to measure IKV of this company, you can easily get statistics for any city in the world. Therefore, it is strange that for the Weather app, IKV is not displayed for the entire geo.

Appendix Air Quality Reader can be downloaded for free from the App Store. Not only can you see the air pollution index, but you can also put a widget on your smartphone's home screen. And then the widget will display the state of the air in the area where you are automatically. This is convenient for travelers and people who are often abroad.

How to check the air quality index via iPhone or Apple Watch

Air Quality Index (AQI) on the Apple Watch

You can also adjust the IKV reading on the Apple Watch so that it is always in front of your eyes and convenient to look at this figure. How to do this?

Note: You can see the ICV index on the Apple Watch through the Weather app, so you don't have to add it as a widget to the watch face. But if you want it to be pretty, then:

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Select the watch face to add the ECI widget to the Apple Watch.
  3. Click on the widget you want to change.
  4. Scroll down to Weather and select IKV.

The watch face will now display the AQI index at the selected location, and update automatically. In this way, it will be possible to have an idea of air quality in real time by looking at your Apple Watch.

How else can you check for air pollution?

The easiest way to learn about air pollution is to simply go to any of the websites below through your browser, find the city you want and read the information. Below are sites that will be helpful to you.


For example, at waqi.info, but takes data from: iqair.com

How to check the air quality index via iPhone or Apple Watch

Or directly from the website:


For example, data for Kiev: iqair.com/en/ukraine/kyiv/kyiv-c

How to check the air quality index via iPhone or Apple Watch

What is an EQI in the Weather?

This is an indicator of air pollution. The higher the number of points, the higher the pollution.


You can view it in The Weather app.

0 - 50OKAir quality is considered satisfactory, and air pollution appears to be insignificant within normal limits.
51 - 100satisfactoryAir quality is acceptable; however, some pollutants may pose a hazard to people who are particularly sensitive to air pollution.
101-150Unhealthy for sensitive groupsNo visible effects on the average person. May have a negative effect on a particularly sensitive group of people (e.g., those with respiratory problems).
151-200НunhealthyEveryone can begin to experience the effects on their health; particularly sensitive people can experience more serious consequences.
201-300very unhealthyA great health hazard from the current conditions. It is likely to affect everyone in the area.
300+dangerousHealth hazards: everyone can experience more serious health consequences

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