How to turn your iPad into a graphics tablet

Astropad will turn iPad into a graphics tablet

Astropad will turn the iPad into a graphics tabletNew app Astropad does what the average person can't do iPad: With any device stylus iOS Your device can become a real professional graphics tablet.Thanks to the application, the user gets the opportunity to implement creative ideas, for example, in Photoshop, without letting go of their iPad from the hand.by.the.developer. Astropad is a company Apple. According to the company, the application was developed on the basis of the technology called LIQUID, which managed to achieve first-class image quality and increased speed of information output. As a result, your iPad works synchronously with the computer.To work with Astropad You don't need a wired connection between your device and your computer. Today, with the help of networking technology, you don't even have to get up from your chair if you suddenly get a muse.According to the developers, the application will allow you to create illustrations, draw, paint or edit images without any problems. To work with the Mac, you need to install another application, which can be downloaded from Astropad.Download Astropad for iPad (Free)

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