How to turn off annoying Facebook sounds in iPhone

Facebook has equipped its new mobile app with the option to turn off sounds, often so annoying to users

Facebook equipped its new mobile app with an option to turn off the sounds that often annoy users.The most recent update of the social network Facebook for devices iPhone и iPad is version 24.0, in which the developers added some sound effects. It turns out that these effects seem rather annoying to many users.facebook-app-sounds-disable-howto1 (1)facebook-app-sounds-disable-howto2Fortunately, Facebook has been concerned about users and has provided an option that disables these sounds, thereby eliminating the source of annoyance. So.How to disable sounds Facebook at iPhone и iPad.

  1. Run the application Facebook appon his iPhone or iPad.
  2. Press the More(More) on the bottom menu.
  3. Press the Settings(Settings) in the same menu.
  4. Press the Sounds (Sounds).
  5. Turn off the option by pressing the Offopposite the line In-App Sound.
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