How to set a password on the iPhone to launch an application

How to set a password on the iPhone to launch an application

How to set a password on an iPhone app

Today's smartphones perform a variety of functions, from making regular calls to storing important information. That's why users are so concerned about security. A complicated password and Touch ID do not always provide reliable protection for your iPhone, because situations are different. If you set a password on your most important apps or on your photo folder, you won't have to worry about the safety of your personal information. There are several ways to solve these issues.

How to set a password on the iPhone to launch an application

Password to start a program or application

To put a password on the application, you can use the function available on the device itself. To do this, just go to "Settings" and under "Basic" select the "Restrictions" item. Usually the "Enable Restrictions" key is active by default. If you press it, the system will prompt you to enter a code, and every time you start the selected application, it will be requested. To select applications, scroll to the end of the list and check the desired ones. It should be said that the password can be set both for opening a program and for removing or installing it. If you are giving a smartphone to children, it will be relevant.

Password a folder on your iPhone

In order to put a password on the iPhone folder, we will also use the built-in capabilities of the gadget. The algorithm of actions is the same. Through "Settings" go to "Basic" and click "Enable restrictions". Come up with a code, but you should not use the year of birth or the name of your favorite pet. After that, it remains to select the folders at the bottom of the list, access to which you want to restrict.

Keep in mind that folders can only be protected in this way if they are accessed through the file manager. If you try to access files through other applications, the field for entering the pin code will simply not appear.

Applications and utilities

You can restrict access to folders and applications by installing third-party programs. The most popular ones are: AppControl, iAppLock and Lockdown. You can download them from the unofficial analogue of the App Store, but you need to jailbreak them. The functionality of these utilities allows you to change the name of icons, set a password on applications and selected folders, to open certain files, to adjust such settings as volume, brightness, and so on. They are freely available, and even a novice can figure them out.

Using iAppLock

This utility will help you set a password and protect your personal data from unauthorized hacking. It can be downloaded from the Cydia app for iOS. But to do this, you need to perform a jailbreak procedure. It significantly increases the capabilities of the gadget and allows access to the file system.

The utility is easy to use and has a localized interface. With its help you can not only put a password on the applications in the iPhone, but also protect access to photos, videos and text messages. You can hide applications that will be password-protected, link your mailbox for pin code recovery and set a delay time before blocking programs.

The utility is free and can be updated.

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