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I watched the coolest video with Maxim - How I use my smartphone. Who is Maxim Dorofeev? He is the author of the book "Jedi Techniques" about how to manage yourself and your time, your tasks. This is an awesome book, I will not say that it has changed me or my world, but I got some habits after it, I recommend it for reading. And this video is about how Max uses his smartphone, how he sets it up so that it becomes his assistant and not a time eater. There are references in the text to "monkey," to "thought-fuel," don't be surprised - it's from the book. Once again, I recommend it.

The link to the video is given immediately, and if it is more convenient to read the text below. I made minimal edits to the text in order to preserve Max's unique style.)

Maxim's full video - How I use my smartphone


Text transcript.

The smartphone is first and foremost a tool

Hi all, I'm Maxim Dorofeev with you again. And today I want to share how my smartphone is set up. Some time ago, admittedly quite a long time ago, about 5-7 years ago, I recorded a video about how I use my program on my work computer, about how I sort out emails and all that. That video is still popular, gets a steady number of views, and from time to time I get questions - "how do I use my smartphone?"

And today I decided to record a video, to talk about some subtleties - how my smartphone is set up. The way I use my work computer, inbox-programs, calendars, nothing has changed there, not much has changed in 5 years, to be honest. And, again, this may disappoint some, but don't expect too many changes in the way I organize my life and conduct my business. For me, it's tools first and foremost, and a tool, once you've found a tool you're comfortable with, it can stay that way for years to come. If you go to a builder after 3 years and start asking - "Are you still using the same hammer, the same jigsaw and the same jig saw? Wow, you're a horse, haven't you found anything new?". As a rule, yes, many builders, good, handy, goldilocks builders use the same tools for years. And professionalism is not what company this season he bought a grinder, professionalism is how much he managed that same old grinder during this time to saw houses, repair apartments, etc. It's the same here, nothing really changes, I just didn't have a video about how a smartphone is built, and I think it's time to show you how my smartphone is built.

So, my record here is not crystal clear, but I think you'll see the basics, yes. Can you see it? You can see it. This is my main smartphone screen right here, this is what it looks like on my smartphone. Here you see the widget, on top of the task list widget, from the same maxdan micromiles (link to the service) that I told you about 5 years ago, in that very ancient video, nothing has changed, I use it as a task list and I have a calendar widget at the bottom, it's the home screen.

How it works when I want to go to Facebook

Now I'm going to tell you as if my inner monkey decided to go on Facebook. Everything is set up so that the monkey doesn't dumb down the cat in Facebooke unnecessarily, figuratively:

How I use my smartphone - Maxim Dorofeev

  1. She unlocked her smartphone and the first thing she sees is, "Oh, man, I have to do the questionnaire, I have to call my dad. She sees tasks. She leans on clear, monkey-like tasks.
  2. If that didn't stop her from leaving Facebook, she sees a calendar widget next. The calendar shows where I have to be, what I have to do on that particular day.
  3. If that didn't stop her, she's such a "pooh", swiped, skipped to the next page, then she stumbles on the smartphone addiction tracker widget next. Perhaps one of my favorite programs is YourHour. It shows that I've spent a whole hour of screen time on my smartphone today and 27 times I've unlocked my smartphone. Well, kind of can sober a monkey up sometimes.
  4. If that hasn't sobered the monkey up and he still wants to go on Facebook, then I don't have a social networking app, I don't use a social networking app, I use my browser. It's a little inconvenient, so the monkey won't go there again. I have the browser and everything that is sticky in one of the two folders.
    How I use my smartphone - Maxim Dorofeev
    There's mail, messengers, unorganized, specifically to reduce compulsive visits to these applications. I go into the browser - Firefox.
    A Little TipI often do the following, also on the advice of a very good person on YouTube, if you have nothing to do and you find yourself touching your smartphone in a public place, from time to time I might take an app and move it from one folder to another. Just so the monkey doesn't have neural mechanisms building up in his head. Every now and then, spontaneously, I'll make some kind of a summation. It's a little sobering.
    Here was the browser, here was the browser, I open the browser. You can see that I'm opening something I don't understand, right? This red number, it shows the time, it's the same program YourHour, it shows how long I've been working with one application or another, in this case the browser. Today I already have 36 minutes winding up in my browser. To go to Facebook I write Facebook and basically I came to Facebook.
    How I use my smartphone - Maxim Dorofeev

You know, yes, this way doesn't seem to be the hardest, so it's likely that the monkey won't be looking for the best way to do it. But it's tricky enough. So with a good probability, the rational component will not let the monkey go there, he will have time to react, say "hey, monkey, where are you going?", and somehow behave.

Why I love the browser

Because the browser doesn't have those nasty mugshots on the app icon itself, here you see those nasty mugshots, you know, the intra-Facebook alerts of someone texting me something here, someone mentioning me somewhere. That's how Facebook works.

How to get to the end of your Facebook feed

Let me show you one more thing on the example of my Facebook, which is a trick few people can repeat, I recommend. Look, one swipe, no, two swipes, two swipes, today it's two swipes, and that's it, I'm at the end of the Facebook feed. Two swipes and I'm free. And I have 5,000 friends, I have a lot of friends, a lot of followers, The secret is that I unsubscribed from allexcept for literally two people.

And these two people write extremely rare but quite curious things, one of these people is Nasim Thaler. He rarely writes on Facebook, his main intellectual fecal outbursts are mostly on Twitter, and on Facebook he writes quite rarely. I'm interested in reading him.

Next, I unsubscribed from everyone but myself, because I can't unsubscribe from myself for a number of reasons.

And I didn't unsubscribe from ads because I can't unsubscribe from ads, Facebook was invented to shove among the posts of your friends, most of whom you don't know, a mimicry of those posts in the form of ads. So that's how my Facebook life works, let's call it a day.

Important points to which I want to draw attention

It's on the complete absence of alerts, especially in messengers. I hide alerts at the level of system settings. Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram - alerts are turned off.

Again, that's a separate conversation. Someone's panic and hysteria prevents them from getting into these settings to give themselves at least a little bit of peace of mind, and someone else does it quite bravely. A lot of people who are afraid to turn off alerts in their messengers, they equate turn off alerts и to chisel away at something important. In fact, it is still unclear in what situation you are more likely to continue something important. When your alerts are turned off and you go in to check messages when you are psychologically ready for it. Or when all the alerts are turned on and you're constantly being torn apart by this information noise from school chats and other stuff. Yes, even work chats, by and large, they are not much different, sorry, from mommy chats on Facebook or wherever.

That's why the alerts are turned off. From time to time I check messages in all messengers, I go there consciously when I'm ready for it.

These are the red circles that stick out in the corner of the application icon, I call them in the second book Attention traps. You pick up your smartphone, with a very specific task in mind. For example, to see what time it is, you unlock the smartphone, and then the red circle in the circle of another icon intercepts your attention and you are distracted for forty minutes and do the same thing, has this ever happened to you? I bet you have.

Again, there are many people who complain about, sorry, lack of time, we know who have followed me for a long time or read at least one of my books - we have time, we don't have enough brains, we don't have enough intelligence, we don't have enough thought-fuel.

So, a lot of people who don't have enough fuel thoughts, you look at their smartphone setup and they definitely have here, in the quick access, here in this bottom bar, messages, watsapp, instagram, and mail with some crazy amount of unread messages. And oh wonder, these people say we don't notice it, all that stuff, but believe me, most people succumb to it and give their attention to the power of the app.

This is the era of the war for attention. Attention is becoming a limited resource. It's not the era of information, it's the era of attention, and app creators, they know this, they are trying to make sure that you spend as much time in their app as possible. They basically don't care about all your other goals, they're interested, they're interested in TimeSpend, here is one single metric, TimeSpend.

Or in some social networks, in their perpetual companies they call it EyeBowHours, I can't translate the name of this metric soullessly enough into Russian, literally it sounds like EyeBowHours that gorges itself on your screens. So, anyway, in today's world, most companies and app creators optimize exactly this metric.

Our task is to at least somehow, even a little bit, counteract this. The more attention and thought-fuel you save, the more you will be able to do what you have decided to do, rather than what other people, such as the creators of these apps, have decided for you.

A few more tips

What else does it make sense to say here, again, if we are talking about messengers, I strongly recommend that you at least try this setting in Watsap, unfortunately Telegram does not have such a thing, but in Watsap does. Settings - Account - Privacy - Reading Reports.

How I use my smartphone - Maxim Dorofeev

It means that neither you nor other people will see those two ugly blue ticks. In today's world, in my opinion, these two blue ticks, that the person has read your message, they carry some kind of crazy meaning. I understand why the creators of Vatsapa did it, but it's likely to bring us only nerves and trouble, and unnecessary stress and anxiety.

It seems to me that here in today's world, in order to separate work and personal life, oddly enough, we need a single list for everything, but it would be great to have different communication channels. Ideally, just fucking, I don't know, you could make two accounts for two sims, two sims, one sim knocked out straight, and that's it. That could help.

That's the kind of thing. What else does it make sense to talk about here. If anyone suddenly has any questions, write in the comments under this video, I will be happy to tell you what else I have in my smartphone and how, but in general everything is very simple, I do not have anything like that here.

The only thing I want to say, a special deep thank you to this application, which is called "Don't pick up the phone.". It is a little less relevant to me now, but some time ago it was a scourge, all kinds of these ghouls and telemarketers called me, offered to approve a loan, wanted to know if I was watching TV today and do all kinds of other things that are not the most intellectual, and this thing was saving me.

This is not the only program that we have, there is Kaspersky WhoCalls, Yandex has a built-in good caller ID. But somehow, for historical reasons, "Don't pick up the phone" itself became the default system app instead of calling.

WhoCalls sometimes had problems, and so did Yandex, when a call comes in, it can't always identify the number. I don't know what that has to do with anything. It can tell you after the fact. You pick up the phone, they say, "Oh, we approved your loan," you drop the call, look, yep "Financial Services, ghouls, don't take." And that's how with "Don't pick up the phone," you get most of the ghoul numbers - it scorches. And set up very well, I set it up so that if I suddenly get a ghoul call, do not even show that they are calling me. Of course this is a separate topic, how to deal with these ghouls. It would probably be great if the app would pick up the phone itself and start a dialogue with them so as to take their attention, to occupy their time, so that fewer people they have time to call, to chew up their resources.

I heard some marketers tell me, "We don't fuck with your brain, we inform. So they were offended by it all. Unfortunately, most of the information from these nefarious marketers fucks with my brain and, I think, most people too, but this is a separate topic, a separate discussion, will be interesting. I'm ready to bang on about it for hours, but nevertheless, the topic of today's video is to show how my smartphone works.

Everything is simple enough, aimed to confuse the monkey, everything that is connected in any way to the sticky behavior is done as less conveniently as possible, from time to time I still flip icons from folder to folder. But so that the monkey does not get used to it. There are few programs, of course, no toys. Life, at least my life is much more interesting than what toys can offer me.

Anyway, that's how it is. So, I hope this video was useful to someone, someone too will take something out of it based on the motives, adjust it, change their smartphone for the better, become a little more time to do useful things, and as a consequence, more happy, which, in fact, I wish you all. See you all again, and goodbye.

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