iPhone screen time - a new feature in iOS 12

The new iPhone "Screen Time" feature only appeared in iOS 12. I can't say that all the fans gave this feature a straight shot. I can say more, many developers are angry because now their apps with similar features have nothing to do in the AppStore. I wrote about one of them recently. RescueTime. Screen Time is a feature designed to take at least a little control over the use of your phone, to look back a little and see life around you offline. Useful. Let's figure out what Apple came up with in it.

To see this feature in the iPhone, you need to update to iOS 12. Early iOS does not and will not have this feature.

You don't need anything else to start using the Screen Time feature. It is enabled by default in iOS12.

Let's take a look at what's there. Path - "Settings" - "Screen time".

iPhone screen time - what it is and why it is in iOS 12

The bar graphically shows the time of use of the phone, with an indication of the time spent on social networks, games or productive work. As you can see, I was productive for 14 minutes in the morning. But I managed to play for 33 minutes and spend an hour in social networks. If you click on the name of your phone (it is not visible in the screenshot, to get all the settings), you will get to the advanced reports.

iPhone screen time - a new feature in iOS 12

There are two dashboards: for 1 day and for the last 7 days.

And detailed information on where the time goes on the smartphone. The main graph is the last 24 hours or 7 days, which are broken down by occupancy color. For example, according to my screenshot:

  • At midnight I was still doing something on social media,
  • At 8 a.m. I rushed to social networks and games,
  • I had little effective activity on the phone around 11 a.m.

The schedule is wonderful. For people who want to be productive, who want to know where their time goes, this feature is a great find. Moving on.

iPhone screen time - a new feature in iOS 12

О limits I'll tell you a little later.

Frequently used. These are the applications or categories where the user hangs up most often. A great way to find out where the time goes.

Raises. I have, as of 2:56 p.m., 71 raises already. That's four an hour. That's a scarecrow. Something needs to be done about it, although I reassure myself that it's my job. It also shows how many lifts I did in a certain hour, so I got from 11 to 12 - 25 lifts. There, by the way, just for business, but nevertheless.

Notifications. The number of notifications that came and from which applications. This is a great way to clean up notifications from some unnecessary or spammy applications. I have 119 already, the most from Telegram - 79 notifications, also no wonder, since the main communicator at work.

Screen Time function settings

At rest.

The iPhone has a "sleep" mode, which is when the phone becomes really quiet. All notifications and calls go without any notification - sound or vibration. Exceptions: numbers entered in Favorites or a call dialed in a row within a minute. So, the iPhone offers to limit not only calls, but also programs and applications that you specify in the "allowed always". This is a great way to save battery, as well as spend less time with your little friend.

Program limits

Let's say that after a week of using iOS12, you suddenly find that you spend quite a lot of time on social networks. For example, 5 hours a day. And you want 2 hours. No problem, you can't do it yourself - you set your phone to block you from accessing social apps. True, you can immediately allow yourself, or remove the blocking, but then what's the point of putting limits?

Another interesting thing. Already from experience. Even notifications from apps that have fallen out of limit will stop coming. They can of course be received later, all at once, but if the limit is over, no notifications will be received. You can get them either by disabling the limit on a group of apps, or by going to a certain app.

Program limits in the iPhone

The only thing I do not really understand why they did not give the opportunity to set a limit on a particular application. Only for categories, and there are not many of them and their division is very questionable:

  • Social media
  • Games
  • Entertainment
  • Creativity
  • Effectiveness
  • Education
  • Books and reference books
  • Health & Fitness
  • Other

And if I watch TED videos on YouTube, where would it take me? Clearly in entertainment and certainly not in Education.

Allowed at all times

Mark applications that will be out of limits and other restrictions.

The default settings are Phone, Messaging, Feistime, and Maps. The rest you have to configure yourself. Don't get carried away 🙂

Content and privacy

It's not really about Screen Time, but about blocking inappropriate content. This is an issue that needs to be dealt with further, it's not clear yet.

Using password code

You can set a password to enter and change parameters in the Screen Time.

Accounting on all devices

If you have multiple devices, importantly, under one Apple ID, then it is worth using them together. This will show you more information about how the devices are used.

Turn off screen time

If you're tired of experimenting on yourself, tired of the constant restrictions - it's time to use this feature and turn off Screen Time.

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