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As a child, chasing a ball around a soccer field, almost every boy dreamed of becoming a soccer player. And playing computer racing, made plans to take a ride in a race car on the best high-speed tracks in the world. And what's out there, even some of the girls was difficult to tear away from the video game with racing, soccer, basketball and tennis. Time has passed, many things have changed, but the love of sports has remained the same. Unfortunately, now not everyone has the opportunity to go to the soccer field and run with friends, obviously not everyone can do in real life racing, boxing or do cool tricks on a skateboard. But in Sports games on iPhone and Android it is possible. So why not choose from our top of the best sports games and not to download a toy that will warm up the soul of a warm evening?

Our list has everything your heart desires: the most diverse races on cars, trucks and motorcycles with a wide variety of tracks; soccer and basketball simulators, in which you can create your own team, become a coach or play for players; the opportunity to play table or large tennis; if you want, you can take up boxing, without breaking all the bones. You can also practice marksmanship in the darts championship; learn to do cool tricks on a skateboard (just do not repeat in real life!); you can even go winter fishing without fear of falling through the ice.

All of the entertainment from the top is united by cool graphics, an interesting storyline and features of each game. Some games can recognize famous athletes and play for them, some fun allows you to compete in championships with other players and prove your skills, some you can learn useful skills, but to use them in real life should be extremely careful.

There is an overview for each unique toy. It gives useful tips, how to play, and a link is given. By clicking on it, you can Download best sports games on iPhone and Android phone for free. Install the one you like and play for fun.

Mini Football - this is what mobile soccer has come to

Remember when a proper full-fledged soccer game with different modes and uncut gameplay used to come out on mobile devices? But then EA Sports turned the game into a donation factory that makes millions of dollars every year, mostly due to the presence of official licenses from FIFA. Therefore.

Rumble Stars Football - combat soccer with animals

Rumble Stars Football - combat soccer with animals

Rumble Stars Football is a development by Frogmind, the company that created the BadLand universe. As you remember, the game turned out to be more than cool, and so there was a sudden increase in the credibility and level of expectations for the releasing studio. We purposely missed the game at the time of its release...