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A quest is a genre of games in which you have to find a way out of a situation by solving various puzzles and completing tasks. The character is controlled directly by the player. The quest involves the mental abilities of the player. The game is unhurried, here is not important speed and speed of action, you need to be attentive and logical thinking.

The best quest games on the phone can be divided into several categories: detective, mystery, horror, escape from the building, adventure and search for things. Separately distinguished text quests, where answers are given, and you have to choose the right solution. For each subgenre has its own fans, but all games are cool, require attention, develop logical thinking, have bright graphics, funny characters, interesting tasks, a cool story (storyline), many levels and your own world.

We have compiled a list and made reviews of The best quests on the phone. There are games for all ages: both for children and adults. To understand if the game is right for you, read the review: it has pros and cons, evaluation of the game, tips for faster tasks, because it is not always possible to quickly find a solution to a puzzle. There is also a download link for each game, so and iPhone quests, и quests on android phone you can download for free and quickly install the toy you like. In just a few clicks you can download quest game for free on your phone and enjoy a leisurely "wander" with the search for solutions to interesting tasks.

City of Love: Paris - See Paris and Die

City of Love: Paris is a game that allows you to visit Paris for free, to feel yourself in the shoes of a heroine in love, to uncover a couple of secrets and to plunge into the romance with the head.City of Love: Paris is in Russian. In the game you will often need to take ...

Trollface Quest: Have fun with your free time

Trollface Quest: Have fun with your free time

The series of games Trollface Quest is specially created for fans of trolling, and since this process is loved by almost every Internet user, the new game is waiting for everyone who has not had time to get acquainted with it. The main game concept of this game space is to pass obstacles...

Last Voyage : a thrilling space journey

Last Voyage
Last Voyage is an unforgettable journey in space, a very interesting, relaxing game with a variety of levels and incredible color transitions. It is not for nothing it received the title of Editor's choice in the App Store - it is an adventure through space and mind, contained in 10 unique chapters. For Astronautics Day, 33% off!