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Do you like board games? I like them very much. All kinds of chips, cards, game boards - there is a huge variety of different fascinating games that develop attention and logic, lift your spirits and help not to get bored in company. How to choose among all the many such games to choose the right one?

We've compiled the top of the best Board games for iPhone and Android. How are they convenient? Wherever and whenever you want, you have them with you. No need to carry boxes with the game to visit friends, bags of chips, checkers, chess, etc. Just open your mobile device, click the icon and enjoy the game with friends or even by yourself. Yes, and that's another advantage board games on the phone - You can play with your device, not necessarily with someone else. So, board games are universal: if you want - play by yourself, for example, in line, on the way home, in the evening after work or school; and if you want - call a company and play with 2 or more people. Some games have a limited number of players (the same checkers, chess, some types of cards), and others do not matter how many people play, you can gather a large company (mafia, cards, all kinds of word games).

Among the board games there are both more active and quiet. Among the active ones there are the show-off (Crocodile - you have to explain the words, showing them with your body and gestures), Mafia (you have to strain your logic, fully concentrate to find the lurking "mafioso" J). Monopoly, which even if not played, but certainly everyone has heard, is perfectly adapted for the iPhone and Android screens. All of these games are quite well-known and popular. Here you can also write based on video games, board games (have you ever seen a man who quietly, without the slightest excitement would play your favorite video game, without jumping up in his chair, not screaming with emotion, not running around the room after the long-awaited win? Well, okay, with the last bit too much, not everyone does, but still sitting still hard. So we assign this point to the active table toys.) Dancing also fit into the active (eg, Just Dance Now).

The other games are more passive: checkers, chess, dominoes, backgammon are still table games, cards can be played not only at the table, but still they do not run and not active. Among the word games are fairly well-known Alias and Hands Up!, in the first you have to explain the word differently, without using homonyms, and the second word is attached to the forehead of a person on a sticker or phone, and he must guess it by asking questions.

And that was just a brief description of the most famous games. Can you imagine how many yet unknown games are waiting for you to download and test them yourself or the company? On Apps4Life we specially select the best games, write reviews, share tips and provide a link to make it convenient for you download board games on the phone for free. Come in, choose the toys you like, download in just a couple of clicks and use with pleasure!