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Apparently, practically the whole world loves adventure. Thrilling and action-adventure movies are always trending; most people in their youth read adventure novels, in which the characters encounter unexpected difficulties and deftly get out of them; as children, almost everyone played adventure games, such as Mario. And this is understandable: in such movies, books, games are always focused not on violence or romance, and the wit of the characters, the ability to outsmart enemies, to deceive the villain. We admire these skills and want to do the same. And we begin to notice the little details in his life, to think ahead options for action, etc. What is not a good way to develop in themselves the logic, attentiveness and wit? Especially it works in the games, because we do not just watch or read, as others do, and try to lead the characters. So we conclude: play adventures on your phone - it is not only interesting, but also useful.

To make it easier for you to choose from a variety of these games, we have made top adventure games on your phone for 2019 year. В 2020 they will also be popular, because it's hard to think of anything more interesting than these games. But if there will be some worthy novelties, we'll tell you about them. So, what games are popular now Adventures on iPhone and Android?

Hello to all computer game lovers: The Sims is available on your phone. Now you can enjoy your favorite game on your mobile device. The same can be said about Mario. Remember your childhood with your favorite hero.

There are a lot of Mario-like walkthroughs. For example, for children came up with just funny characters, as well as characters from cartoons: The adventure of the monkey, the fox, Mickey Mouse, the dinosaurs, the lunatic wanderer from the cartoon "Milk Boss", the adventures of Barboskin, the Fixies, Princess Ariel, Anna and Kristof, Cat in Boots, the Ninja Turtles, SpongeBob, Rapunzel, the game "Puppy Patrol helps," the search for crystals in the Cold Heart, wandering fairies Winx, tanks (a game for two), the adventure of marbles, jellybeans and a bunch more different characters. Also quite famous toy "Fire and Water.

Adults, of course, differ in their interests: there are several dinosaur adventures, the very famous Doodle Jump, the quiet game Township - Town and Farm, the more active adventure puzzle game Prison Break. Many games are based on the movies: Marvel's Battle of Champions, Lara Croft, Lego Star Wars, a game based on the SCI series, Detective Holmes object search and many others. Adults often choose more violent games than children: Plants vs. Zombies, Gods of the Arena, War and Magic, Zombie Farm, How to Get Your Neighbor, Chaos and Order Wars (this game online, the rest adventure games on the phone you can play without internet).

All adventure games From our top you can free to download on your phone. The same can be said of iPhone and Android Wanderers. How to do it? Very simple: go to the review of your favorite game and click on the download link. By the way, in the review you can read the advantages and disadvantages of the game, tips on how to play and other useful information. So, come and install Best adventure games on the phone.