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Recently, the network exploded the game called Last day on Earth. Some users have already achieved some success in the game, and others dream of getting an answer to the question of what the meaning of the game, and how to play it, what to craft and in what order. In this article will be a guide to pass Last Day on Earth.

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How to play Last day on Earth

Passage Last Day on Earth begins with the extraction of various necessary resources that are available in the territorial area of your base. Then you need to build for yourself an axe, pickaxe for chopping trees, mining limestone and ore. After that, start building a simple base. For this you will need only 4 cells. The next step is to create a backpack, two or three boxes. Next, the location where your base is located will become impoverished, and you will have to hike to another zone to find additional things, supplies. With the help of a backpack, you will be able to take a large number of necessary things, which are then stored in the available crates. After that, you will have to build swimming equipment, a carpentry table and a radio. It is very important to have a good weapon. In this way, you will be able to survive easily.

Sound advice on survival and combat

I would like to tell you a little bit about the secrets and tips of Last Day on Earth survival. When you are in a location, you may encounter other players who are under the guidance of the computer. That is, the battle will take place with a bot programmed under another player. This suggests that combat is inevitable. In order for the battle to be successful, you must know what things to put on the player. I suggest that when you are in your own base, you examine as many different items as possible in order to learn more about their abilities. If you are able to immediately recognize a stronger than you, the enemy, you can easily leave the location or win by taking away all his supplies. When you die a lot, the game gives you extra help in the form of giving you a machete - a powerful weapon. If you are attacked by an enemy with a machete, and you are holding a spear, I advise you to run away from this location faster. You also have the opportunity to make a foray into the base of the opponents. However, without a bomb, you will not be able to succeed.

Last Day on Earth secrets tips

Last Day on Earth survival game is by far the most popular game on tablets and smartphones. There are many secrets hidden in it. Many players in the course of the gameplay is a large number of related questions. We want to help beginners and tell a few secrets and tips about Last Day on Earth.

  1. One unit of energy is restored within five minutes. Full energy recovery from zero takes eight hours. When you can't get to a location due to lack of energy, I recommend going in a little later, as you will spend fewer energy units to advance to the goal.
  2. If you once encountered a zombie, be prepared for it to follow you throughout the game.
  3. Always take a backpack, weapons and various tools to spare. In case you die, after revival you have the opportunity to explore the locations, being fully prepared. You also have no need to collect additional resources to create the necessary items.
  4. I recommend making a room for each chest separately. This is due to the highest level of protection from various raiders.
  5. How can you survive, and why do you need to shower? It's all about the scent that beckons the wolf, predators and monsters.
  6. How to get a lot of useful information about an item? Just hold your finger on the item of interest and you will see detailed information about it.
  7. Tools: what is the order of their use? Remember! You should always use those items that have an unpresentable appearance.
  8. What actions do you need to apply to reduce the number of clicks on the screen? You just need to keep your finger on a certain area while you collect weapons, items and other things.
  9. How can you use a particular resource and not collect too much while in the automatic game mode? You just need to fill the cell with it only, in this case the possibility of investing another resource is simply eliminated.
  10. What actions are points awarded for? Collecting different resources, defeating someone in the form of destruction or killing. For any such action is given a different number of points, it all depends on the complexity of the completed process.
  11. How many creation stations are installed in one building? Only two.
  12. How is the damage tripled? While making an attack to the opponent's back area.
  13. How can you open one of the most difficult bunkers and get the code numbers? Are there any secrets in the game Last Day on Earth in this regard? First, go to the global map, and there already find the desired bunker. Bunker Alpha is considered complex, so let's look at his example. To open it, you need to use a broken cell phone and available flash drive.

About crafting things in the game

Creating new items in this gameplay is very easy. If you have in your inventory the necessary amount of required materials, then you only need to click on the button where the drawing is shown, and thus create the desired item. Just remember, to create the desired thing, you must have at least one empty cell. The difficulties of crafting in the game Last Day on Earth survival is that to get a chance to create a variety of items, you need to have a certain level of experience. Accumulating the required amount of experience is not difficult at all. Points are given for each completed action, which is interconnected with the collection of things and victory over opponents. But even if you don't have the required amount of experience for collecting things, you have every right to use it. For example, if you are lucky enough to find a firearm, being on the third level, you can exploit it without any prohibitions. Free crafting in Last Day on Earth allows you to craft various items from completely different categories. These can be:

  • workbench;
  • different sized crates;
  • clothes;
  • weapons;
  • specialty items;
  • vehicles, etc.

There are a large number of items to create. They are also used as a change from one resource to another, e.g. a workbench or a bed is the basis for creating an advanced item.

Where to find resources for crafting

All materials are categorized into:

  • elementary - easy to obtain without any difficulty;
  • advanced - created thanks to other materials in a specifically defined quantity.

There are several secrets about Last Day on Earth survival on Android. When you start the game, you have the ability to collect only simple materials from the ground (the base location has a lot of bushes, branches, rocks, other things). After all the resources are collected, you have the opportunity to craft axes. For any tool is spent three pieces of pine, the same amount of lime. With the help of an axe, you can chop trees, extract stones from a small mine. Remember - the axe and pickaxe tend to lose their durability. By the way, one of the secrets of Last Day on Earth survival is to visit places with a mark in the form of a box. In such a place you can always get a large amount of useful "booty". In such a location will find advanced material, as well as any ready-made item that greatly facilitates the gameplay process.

What is created first and what is left for later

To open a new "blueprint", that is, the ability to craft any item, you need to spend special crafting points, which are given to you after getting a new level. If you lack these points, Last Day on Earth mod free crafting will help you. Thus, you get more opportunities to craft different, necessary things, and there is no need to buy points for gold coins. К the main items to craft first, relate:

  • small boxes (it will take three pine trees and 5 pcs. of grass to construct);
  • A backpack (it will only require two ropes, three grasses).

Next, to facilitate your gameplay is creating a:

  • a bed of five pine trees, one weed;
  • campfire - pine (5 pieces), lime (5 pieces), grass (1 piece);
  • Watershed - pine trees (about 10), rags (3), scrap metal (2).

With their help you can get food from seeds, cook it, collect water. This is extremely necessary, as without it you will lose health and die. One secret of Last Day on Earth survival should be shared - be sure to create a shower of three pieces of iron, ten pine trees and one rag. After prolonged gameplay, a foul odor starts to emanate from your playable character, attracting predators and zombies. Another reason for the bad odor is the attack of a toxic monster. Secondary subjects include.

  1. Carpenter's table - ten pieces of pine, five pieces of iron. It can be used to get wooden planks.
  2. The stone cutter is twenty wooden planks, ten iron, five scrap metal. It is needed to create stone bricks.
  3. Smelter - lime (five units), iron (five). Makes metal ingots, an important component in the manufacture of future items.

As you level up, you'll get more features, and by deciding to download free Last Day on Earth crafting, you get everything at once. So you can create:

  • Sewing materials table (this is where fabrics from various herbs are created);
  • dryer for leather products (performs production of ropes, leather from animal hides);
  • Workbench (plays a role in creating nails using a metal ingot);
  • A gun table where you can create parts for firearms;
  • medical table (berry alcohol is produced here, as well as a first aid kit with bandages, alcohol).

With the opportunity to create the above items in the early stages of the game, you should take that chance.

The Farm location

Everyone's favorite novelty is a location called "Farm". And here we should talk a little about the passage of Last Day on Earth survival "Farm", about what pitfalls are hidden here. And so, in order to find yourself in the place of the old farm, you just need to go to the general map and pay your attention to the point in the form of a house, located in the upper left corner. In the first visit, you must rebuild a bridge, which is a crossing-passage to the location. The bridge is on the left side, and on the right side there is a wrecked car with a small supply of resources and an energizer that can restore half of the total amount of energy. In the wrecked car you can find weapons. Passing the location of the farm Last Day on Earth is very exciting, although there are some difficulties, such as meeting with various monsters, which there are a huge number. To learn more information about all the monsters that are on the farm, you can watch the video walkthrough Last Day on Earth.

The blind hunter's location

Let's talk a little bit about the Last Day on Earth "Blind Hunter" walkthrough. The Blind Hunter is a boss that is not easy to defeat. He possesses:

  • with one thousand lives;
  • an opportunity to regain your health;
  • with the ability to kill with just one blow if you don't manage to escape from a furious attack.

In order to defeat him, you need to arm yourself with two assault rifles, a stack of bandages and armor in the form of a special forces kit. Having all of this, you will be able to defeat the boss with ease. Blind Hunter walkthrough video on the 3rd floor of Alpha Bunker.

The secrets of the Alpha Bunker

Finally reached the turn to pass the Alpha Bunker Last Day on Earth. It is considered the most discussed location, as it is constantly updated, improved. The bunker is located in the bottom corner on the right side of the global map. When you get inside the building, you will see an elevator. In order to activate it, you need to approach the terminal located near the right wall, contact it by entering a special code. Inside the bunker, you will be able to find valuable things that are in the crates or suitcase. One of the secrets of passing Last Day on Earth bunker is to get the password from the bunker. Here you need to follow this algorithm:

  • a radio is created and placed on the wood floor. After the radio receives a distress signal, a number on the panel will light up;
  • you need to go into the radio, find the slider that you need to scroll through, and find the distress wave;
  • then a message is played that says the password.

To pass Last Day on Earth Alpha, you need to carefully select the right ammunition by following the tips:

  • to use the green-colored military outfit;
  • be sure to take a few pharmacy slots;
  • take a weapon, let it be a firearm, shotgun, bow and machete (there should be at least three of each).

You can learn more about the gameplay in the Last Day on Earth survival walkthrough video review.

Location Bravo Bunker.

Here we will talk about passing the bunker Bravo Last Day on Earth. Comparing the two bunkers Alpha and Bravo, we can say that the latter is much harder to get into. In order to get inside, you need to have a plastic card labeled "B". You can find it in crates at any locations or after killing zombies. When you open the door that leads inside the building, it will permanently remain in the open position. Inside the building, which is located in the central part of the map, there are zombies that are always ready to pounce on the player. It is important to be properly prepared.

  1. First, build a powerful ammunition.
  2. Collect a large number of bandages.
  3. Create the most powerful weapon similar to the machete, the destroyer.

Thus, you will be able to kill all the monsters, zombies. Inside the room you will find many crates with resources, weapons, ammunition. One of the most valuable is motor parts. Left resource will never be lost, you can take out your stuff innumerable times - the main advantage of the bunker.

Mini-locations "Gas Station", "Police Station"

In the gas station location you have the opportunity to build your own garage, where you can repair your own bike. On it you can freely ride around all locations, knocking down monsters and other unfriendly creatures. At the beginning you will get 3 types of bike:

  • SUV;
  • the police version;
  • a military-type motorcycle.

I suggest you to watch the video walkthrough Last Day on Earth survival gas station to learn more useful information. As for the passage Last Day on Earth police station, then here the gameplay is much more interesting. The station itself has several rooms with different size, purpose. There is a room:

  • for police officers;
  • to conduct the training;
  • as a hallway;
  • for video surveillance.

In order to get into any room, you need a key. Near one wall is a friendly raider who can change about ten police documents with a small rarity, into one large document.

Gold farming

The most interesting thing in the game Last Day on Earth is money. Many people wonder how you can get gold coins? There are three main ways.

  1. Contributing real money. You can do this by. By paying for your purchases using the Google Play Market mobile app purchase payment.
  2. View ads, with no real investment. To do this, you just need to leave the location and find yourself on the main map. At the bottom there is a stack of coins, which you need to click on. However, here coins are one of the possible prizes, you can drop any item from the game.
  3. Download mod hack Last Day on Earth for money. But here you need to understand that for this account can be banned.

Let's talk about what is a mod a lot of money Last Day on Earth. With this mod you will not only get a large amount of infinite cash, but also:

  • infinite energy;
  • pumping your game character up to level ninety;
  • Lots of extra resources, armor, weapons, and more.

By downloading the mod Last Day on Earth a lot of money, you become completely invulnerable from the actions of enemies, zombies, monsters and others. You are invincible, as you have many advantages and all the necessary resources.

A little bit about possible bugs of the game

There is a little secret about bugs in Last Day on Earth. Many people wonder how to solve this problem? You should take advantage of the recommendations about it.

  1. You need to reset your cell phone.
  2. Then the game is deleted. Immediately warning - data should never be erased, as you will lose everything you saved before.
  3. After that, go to your marketplace, download the game and install it.
  4. If nothing has changed after these steps, then the problem lies directly in the smartphone. In this case, you can try to do a hard reset or reflash it. In extreme cases, use the help of specialists.


Passing the game Last Day on Earth is a very entertaining process, despite the difficulties that arise. But thanks to the above tips on the game Last Day on Earth survival, you will be able to achieve success, and with the help of the mod for money, you have the opportunity to get a lot of money in the game.

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